For us here at SDE Weddings®, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography, and photo-booth group, the perfect smile, the perfect moment, captured perfectly for a perfect couple is the most our videographers and cinematographers strive for in our work. And in this wonderful winter season, nothing can dispel the briskness of Canada’s famous winter cold better than the warmth of a perfect love brought together for a beautiful winter-season wedding day. Such is how our videographers and cinematographers recall the magnificent and magical time we had working with Ying & Darryl on their breathtakingly perfect winter-season wedding day just earlier this year on January 13th, 2018, with a magical wedding day ceremony, reception, and celebration held at the beautiful Bellvue Manor in Vaughan, and early morning preparations and traditional ceremonies held at the ever-gorgeous Adelaide Hotel Toronto, site of the former Trump Hotel. A lovely Chinese couple, Ying & Darryl showcased on their wedding day their shared Chinese heritage in a solemn and traditional tea ceremony, a favourite scene for our videographers and cinematographers. So warm yourselves up and join us as we recall some of our most cherished and prized memories from our videographers and cinematographers in capturing Ying & Darryl’s truly wonderful winter-season wedding day. Alongside a showcase of our videographers and cinematographers’ favourite scenes from the couple’s special day, and a specially made preview of the unforgettable wedding celebration in our included namesake same-day-edit highlight reel.

Work on Ying & Darryl’s winter-season wedding day began for our videographers and cinematographers on a brisk January 13th morning, with our videographers and cinematographers arriving at Toronto’s towering Adelaide Hotel, the site of the former Trump Hotel, for Ying & Darryl’s morning preparations for the journey ahead. Some special scenes captured during the morning’s hectic goings-on include several stunning scenes out of the bride and groom’s suites respectively; and the absolutely heartwarming and sentimental first-look and reveal between Ying & Darryl. A truly magnificent shot, our videographers and cinematographers captured the silhouette of the couple’s first kiss of the day, as the bright January winter sunlight shone through their Adelaide Hotel suite. And between the candid shots of the couple as they began their first steps towards a lifelong journey together, and the couple’s formal ceremony and celebration, our videographers and cinematographers took the opportunity to capture a breathtaking aerial drone scene of Ying & Darryl’s chosen wedding destination; the Bellvue Manor in Vaughan, the next stop for our videographers and cinematographers.

Ying & Darryl had chosen to hold their winter-season wedding day ceremony, reception, and celebration at the breathtaking Bellvue Manor in Vaughan, a favourite wedding destination in Vaughan for our videographers and cinematographers. Boasting a spacious ballroom facility, a specially catered menu for a wedding day banquet, fine Royal Doulton china, and exquisite linens all throughout, Vaughan’s Bellvue Manor would be a perfect fit for Ying & Darryl on their perfect winter season wedding day.

An always-favourite scene for our videographers and cinematographers, Ying’s walk down the aisle to meet her ever-eager husband-to-be, Darryl, for what would be the memory of the day; the couple’s wedding ceremony. Featured in the included highlight reel, our videographers and cinematographers showcase Ying & Darryl’s sentimental exchange of vows and the lifelong promises they’ve made for each other. And as the perfect couple became husband and wife, the newlywed couple’s crowd of special guests, family and friends alike, couldn’t help but express their undying congratulations for the happily married couple in a wedding day made perfectly; a truly special scene that would receive a roaring applause for the same-day-edit highlight showcase for the couple’s evening celebration.

And with a long winter-season wedding day winding down, Ying & Darryl held their evening’s reception and celebration at the Bellvue Manor’s spacious ballroom facility. In a triumphant entry, Ying & Darryl were greeted with cheers and congratulations from their friends and family as the newlyweds and their wedding day entourage began the evening’s festivities on a truly jubilant tone. A classic scene and a true favourite for our videographers and cinematographers to capture in full, the newlywed couple’s magically romantic first dance would be the true highlight of the highlight reel; and specially with Ying & Darryl, as our videographers and cinematographers interspersed earlier footage of the couple’s sentimental shared dance made for a brilliant contrast between day and night, and what connects Ying & Darryl’s past and their bright future together. And with that, we here at SDE Weddings®, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography, and photo-booth group, wish nothing but the very best for Ying & Darryl in their lives together. Our videographers and cinematographers would like to truly thank them for giving us the opportunity to craft something special out of their spectacular wedding day footage, and to create a timeless token of their unforgettable wedding day. We wish Ying & Darryl all the best that life can give them in their future together, and hope that our work with them will always be a treasured timepiece of a perfect day, and the beginning of a perfect life shared together.

Here is the wedding highlight video we made Ying & Darryl.

Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Bellvue Manor | 8083 Jane St, Vaughan
Wedding Hotel: The Adelaide Hotel Toronto | 325 Bay St, Toronto
Wedding Photographer: Ten2Ten Photographer | Erika Hammer