A wedding is a celebration to cement the love of two in an union fit for a lifetime, and we at SDE Weddings know how unbelievably special such a day is for everyone involved. This sentiment rang especially true for the wedding of Thuy and Long Nguyen, a Vietnamese wedding couple who’ve been together and known each other for an especially long time. A sentimental and rather ordinary meeting was the start of the story for the two, when they simply met through mutual acquaintances at a trip to Canada’s Wonderland, just north of Toronto, the premier amusement park of Canada. The two hit it off immediately, and in retrospect, it was no ‘wonder’ at all how these two made it together this far.

The wedding proper was held in Hamilton on September 28, 2013, and the wedding reception afterwards in Brampton, just southwest of Toronto. A particularly long trek for those familiar with Southern Ontario’s geography, but such trivialities as travel were not in the minds of our Toronto wedding cinematographers and videographers when they accompanied the couple and their families all throughout the day. Such a special touch is a testament to our dedication to make the wedding day indeed the most memorable day in one’s life, and we hope that Thuy and Long share the same feeling.

Some say love is simply stated in the form of a letter, and for our couple’s case, the bride and groom wrote letters to each other for the special purpose of reading the other’s heartfelt feelings on the morning of the wedding day. In a throwback act of teenage-love, the letters were reminiscent of first confessions, yet on such a special occasion, such confessions are meant to last a lifetime. Our Toronto wedding videographers were in attendance to capture and film the couples’ reactions to each others innocent messages of heartfelt emotion, and hope that these memories last in the couples’ hearts throughout their lives.

The wedding took place in Paramount Drive Alliance Church (1035 Paramount Dr. Stoney Creek) in Stony Creek, Hamilton. Quite literally across the lake from Toronto. Yet in a metaphor, indeed no lake as deep and as wide can match the dedication these two have for one another, and we made sure our dedication as well, to capturing the happiness and the memories of this day, was there to match. As the wedding ceremony took place, the most important events of the day were meticulously documented by our Toronto wedding videography team, and as the procession came and went, we were there in entirety to film the happy couple’s holy union. As the wedding group parted ways with the wedding procession and lunch, we were on hand to take request pictures of the celebrants outdoors at the Hamilton Escarpment, a large formation of limestone which spans across the city. A fitting choice of scenery as a complement to the the wedding, indeed a wedding itself as a rock-solid foundation with which Thuy and Long will build their lives and future upon.

As the proper wedding celebrations close, the group made their exodus to Brampton for the post-wedding reception and celebrations. Guests and celebrants in attendance began arriving at Brampton’s Kingsley Chinese Restaurant (50 Kennedy Rd. South, Brampton), and at the closing of the day, the dinner and post-wedding program begins. A photobooth as well was assembled after the ceremonies for the entertainment of the guests, so that they too may have a token of remembrance of Thuy and Long’s blessed wedding day. A night of joyful celebration as a finishing touch to a wonderful day. The family, friends, a special DJ and MC spinning the couples’ favorite music, and us at SDE Weddings on the spot to capture every cheerful moment for their wedding video. We hope you too can enjoy Thuy and Long’s memories of their special day with a few of our choice photographs from Jason Shum, and hope in sincerity that Thuy and Long have a prosperous life together.

Wedding Photographer: Jason Shum | LittleFreeLenser
DJ: DJ Kevin & MC Huynh
Officiant: Pastor Jeff Dods
Make Up Artists: Bobby Couture
Limo & Transportation: Happy Time Limo