The wedding of Katherine and Dan, a Cantonese couple from Toronto, was a rather vibrant and ostentatious one, and rightfully so. Extravagance and adornment is not at all something inexcusable during an event as big and important as a wedding day, and with the couple’s holy vows made in Casa Loma, one of Toronto’s most celebrated and famous historical landmarks, we can’t blame the two for going all out. The festivities were held on August 24th, 2013, with a grand reception at the stylish La Primavera Convention Centre to close the night, which made for plenty of videography work for our Toronto wedding crew. As we here at SDE Weddings saw it, the bride and groom made it a point to set a tone of auspiciousness for the occasion, in celebration with family and friends, and not only for the wedding, but for the long journey of life afterwards.

Wedding at CASA LOMA is stunning

Dan seemed to hold back tears as he read a private letter from his beloved bride. Her heartfelt words conveyed a true love for him, and from his empassioned visage, brimming with a bittersweet sentiment, it is no question that he felt the same for her. It was a very special moment captured on film by our camera crew, as the bride and groom prepared a light paragraph of heavy-hearted emotions for reading before the wedding ceremony took place. It was a small journey in itself getting here, as the highlight reel shows, a flock of wedding professionals, guests, friends and family, all descending on bride and groom to inspect, assist and assess the readiness of the two for the moment they walk the long aisle, to the apex of the wedding day ceremony. As red flags marked the start of the procession, all in attendance, including our very own wedding videographers, made their way to Casa Loma, long considered as being among the most significant historical landmarks in Toronto. Indeed, the rustic gothic-revival architecture served as a highlighting point to just how important the occasion was, as cementing a foundation for a future life of a pair united as one.

In front of holy auspices and a congregation of the couples’ most chosen, the formally newlywed pair dedicated their lives in holy union under an open-lit stain-glass ceiling and overarching apertures that let the bright noon sun illuminate the atmosphere of the altar, signalling a bright future forward. The ceremony ended in a symbolic act of the bride and groom pouring sands in glass, representing the melding of two families in marriage. As the ceremony ended, various groups among the crowd took to the lavish gardens in Casa Loma’s vicinity to do some wedding-day film/video and picture-taking with the newlyweds, and awaited for lunch to be served to close the procession. A special photo of the group in the grand hall was a touching commemoration in midst of a marriage made memorable.

The reception’s destination to end the day was the La Primavera Convention Centre in Vaughan, along the outskirts of the greater Toronto area. Dan, a young professional with an artistic side, had crafted a painting for commemorating his engagement, and as the night began, the painting was open for signing from well-wishers, as family members and friends made their introductions and speeches followed by a night of song and dance. The couple by now had shed their formal attire for traditional Cantonese garb, done to match the family members’ outfits. A plethora of delicious dishes were available, totaling eleven unique courses to serve the crowds’ Cantonese palette. The long day drew a close come evening, with an open hall reserved for dancing throughout the night. All in all, we were very pleased with the wedding day, and hope as well that Katherine and Dan are pleased with our wedding videography work as well. We wish in earnest for their lives together to be as extravagant and fantastical as the memories we helped commemorate on their wedding day.

Wedding at CASA LOMA is stunning

Cantonese Wedding Toronto Videographer
Katherine + Dan
Wedding Date: August 24, 2013
Wedding Ceremony Venue: Casa Loma | 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON M5R 1X8
Wedding Reception Venue: La Primavera | 77 Woodstream Blvd, Vaughan, ON L4L 7Y6
Wedding Photographer: Kevin Lam
Wedding DJ: Wesley
Wedding Officiant: Jim Emerson
Wedding Makeup: Maggie Ng
Wedding Co-ordinator: Jordy & Angela
Wedding MC: Anto Chan