One of the most wonderful and magical things about life is that it’s always full of surprises. The twists and turns that we take through our everyday journeys lead us to evermore surprising ends, to places we’ve never imagined we’d find ourselves – something our videographers and cinematographers know all too well. So too is the path to finding true love, traced out through our lifetimes; narrow and winding, and always different for each and every person. That’s why we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth group, were elated to play a pivotal part in providing our services to Laura & Alex, a couple whose lives were inextricably drawn to one another, and whose love has grown through time and culminated in an unforgettable wedding day, which took place this past February 21st, 2015 at Vaughan’s beautiful Hazelton Manor and Toronto’s historic Black Creek Pioneer Village. Laura, once a single mother to a lovely young daughter, had met Alex, a police officer, through a serendipitous encounter online. Little did they know that Alex would be the missing piece which would complete Laura’s family of two, and that Laura & Alex would indeed complete one another through life and love. And to truly suit a very special family, the wedding day proved to be very special for our videographers and cinematographers to say the least. Our very first filming experience in a bona-fide snow-day! Coupled with our cameras rolling throughout, and our namesake Same-Day-Edit service to sum up the wedding day’s preparation and ceremony, our videographers and cinematographers were quite ‘snowed in’ with plenty of work! Scroll further to learn more about Laura & Alex, their unforgettably snowy wedding day, and how our videographers and cinematographers here at SDE Weddings kept frosty through such chilly wedding weather.

Our snowy winter wedding experience began bright and early, at the Element Vaughan South-West Hotel, with our videographers and cinematographers present to capture the bridesmaids’ ‘beautifying’ process. A nice sentimental shot, which we featured first in our same-day-edit, was of Laura’s introduction to her wedding dress, atop an interestingly designed hanger which spelt out “Mrs. Niculae”, Laura’s newly and proudly embraced title. One thing to notice, among many from the lenses of our videographers and cinematographers, was that Laura & Alex’s wedding’s colour theme was, perhaps unintentionally, a brilliant bright white. From the fresh powder snow bearing down heavily throughout the day, to Alex’s white lily corset, to Laura’s bouquet of white roses. ‘White’, symbolic of a fresh start for Laura & Alex’s family. This theme was made true to life in an unforgettable moment caught on film and featured in our Same-Day-Edit; of Laura & Alex’s first look in a surreal atmosphere surrounded by a coarse blanket of freshly fallen snow. A perfect shot formed into a permanent memory by our videographers and cinematographers.

For Laura & Alex’s wedding ceremony, the moment which culminates their years of love and growth together, the beloved pair had chosen Hazelton Manor’s gorgeous ceremonial hall as their premier setting. A particular shot our videographers and cinematographers are proud of is filming the vantage point of trailing behind the bride’s walk down the aisle. And in an utmost euphoric memory, once pronounced husband and wife, Laura & Alex’s first kiss was met joyfully in unanimous applause from the couples’ friends and family. We trailed back down the aisle with the newlyweds as well, and captured the crowd’s jubilant response – a sight to see through our same-day-edit! And with a few hours left to prepare the same-day-edit’s footage for feature at the reception, our videographers and cinematographers had chosen a beautiful scene from earlier in the day; of a pirouette performed in the snow – of everything coming full circle for Laura & Alex on their wedding day. Altogether, we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth group, were truly proud of our work with Laura & Alex, and just how well our first snow-day wedding had gone! We wish Laura & Alex truly the very best in their lives together, and hope that our work for them on their most special of days remains ‘frozen’ in time as a memory of a family made complete.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Hazelton Manor | 99 Peelar Rd, Vaughan
Photo/Video-Shoot: Black Creek Pioneer Village | 1000 Murray Ross Parkway, Toronto