As many of us know all too well, the greatest gift one can give to others is our love and devotion. And in the spirit of giving, we here at SDE Weddings; Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth group, reminisce about one such couple whose gifts for one another was each other’s hands in a holy union during the holiest of seasons. Just this past December 20th, 2014, our videographers and cinematographers here at SDE Weddings were proud to play a part in a Christmas scene which truly exemplified the real reason for the season. Indeed, a very special winter wedding for Anne & Andrew, who held their solemn vows at Thornhill’s St. Paschal Baylon Church, with an unforgettable winter wedding celebration afterwards at one of our videographers’ and cinematographers’ favorites: Vaughan’s very own Paradise Banquet Hall. A story of a couple of high-school sweethearts who’ve been together for well over a decade, Anne & Andrew’s love for each other truly reflects what we here at SDE Weddings value most in what we do: devotion, faithfulness and a passion which grows ever continuously. And being true to the season of giving, we too wished to give Anne & Andrew the very best of our videography and cinematography skills for their most special of days Scroll further to learn more about Anne & Andrew’s very ‘merry’ matrimony and a sample highlight reel of among the best wedding moments captured by our videographers and cinematographers throughout the day.

Being overcome with emotion is something we know all too well, though for every wedding our videographers and cinematographers have filmed, it will always seem like an experience made anew. Such was how our day began with Anne & Andrew, in filming their morning’s preparations and a sentimental reading of love-letters shared between bride-and-groom to be. In our highlight reel, you can witness the exchange of words between the star-crossed-pair at the penultimate moment of their lives as a couple. Alongside words of love, were special gifts exchanged. Here, you’ll notice a motif develop for Anne & Andrew; of Andrew’s gift from his beloved bride of a set of Superman-themed cufflinks, which Andrew proudly wore. Indeed, the message was clear – Andrew was the Superman to Anne’s Lois-lane – though while Andrew probably isn’t faster than a bullet or can leap tall buildings, he certainly captured this lady’s heart regardless.

Another style point to come across for our videographers and cinematographers was the use of lighting and space through windows. Given the December weather, it was optimal in the morning to make use of as much natural lighting indoors as we could, which – judging from the highlight reel – made for fantastic footage of Anne & Andrew’s morning first-look meetup from every vantage point. Indeed, we even got the first kiss and first dance in a perfect scene shot in pure simplicity, but let’s let the highlight reel tell it all. Alongside that, the most beautiful scene of the day for our videographers and cinematographers, as it always has been, would be the exchange of vows. In a solemn setting at St. Pascal Baylon Church, the moment Anne & Andrew had been waiting-for for a whole decade had finally arrived, and it was an honour for our videographers and cinematographers here at SDE Weddings to capture it, moment from moment.

For the suitably illustrious celebration following Anne & Andrew’s special moment, the newlyweds chose a favorite among our videographers and cinematographers here at SDE Weddings, Vaughan’s Paradise Banquet Hall. In our highlight reel you can see the full effect of Anne & Andrew’s chosen purple theme for their wedding day. If you had noticed, the bridesmaids donned on gorgeous deep violet dresses, while the groomsmen fashioned themselves with matching purple bow ties. Altogether, with an ascribed aesthetic and an energetic atmosphere, Anne & Andrew’s once-in-a-lifetime evening was truly a moment set apart, and one that our videographers and cinematographers had our cameras fixated upon all throughout the night. In one very special scene, featured in the highlight reel, Andrew had shared a few words on his conception of love – as a continuous and ever-growing process. And in the end, we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth group, relate all too well with growth and love as a process, indeed being one of our defining motives for pursuing our craft. In the end, we wish Anne & Andrew all the very best from our crew, and hope that our work with the ever-infatuated pair will resonate with them for many many years to come – as a gift that truly keeps on giving!

Wedding ceremony: St. Paschal Baylon Church | 92 Steeles Avenue West
Wedding reception: Paradise Banquet Hall | 7601 Jane Street
Photo Location: Bob Rumball Manor | 2395 Bayview Avenue
Photography: Best Dream Photography | Tomaz Sewilski
DJ Services: Good Vibrations | James Fleming
Make-Up Artists: Inception Hair Studio
Bridal Gown: St. Patrick Barcelona
Groom Suit: Freeman’s Formal Wear
Wedding Decor: Decor with Grandeur | Femina Mapp
Wedding Cake: I Do! Wedding Cakes
Limousine Services: Star Night Limousine