We at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and video cinematography group, were ecstatic to be a part of Matt and Joanne’s special day together, and were drawn especially to the couples’ exceedingly sincere devotion to one another, both as self-declared ‘best friends’ and star-crossed lovers. “You make me dream while my eyes are open”, were words that stand out to us from Matt’s speech to the crowd of jubilant faces which gathered on the auspicious evening of his wedding day. Sentimental sentences which speak of a lifetime’s love were ever present during the wedding celebration of Matt and Joanna, which took place earlier this month on April 5th, 2014 in the 1871 Berkeley Church on Queen St., an aptly historic scene for an unforgettable union of two souls bound as one. Matt and Joanne met serendipitously in a setting fit for romantic cinema on the dancing floor. Little did he know that this very same stranger would glance at him again many years later, on centre stage in front of friends and family, to declare an undying love and a life made anew. Very seldom does one come across a couple whose vibrant energy and chemistry together is enough to fill a room with smiles from ear to ear, and for our videographers, Matt and Joanne’s wedding day would be be one filled with bountiful smiles, laughter and happiness throughout the evening.

Matt bashfully poses a wide grin on his face as he read Joanne’s letter on the morning of their wedding day. With a baritone voice that would make Barry White writhe in envy, Matt outlines Joanne’s deepest feelings for him written in a simple letter, thoughts of how Matt’s imposing personality could bring Joanne out of her shell, and how his courage and strength in life adds to her own. In the same vein, Joanne shyly wiped tears from her eyes as she read Matt’s own confessions, expressing his eagerness for her to be the mother of his children, and to join him on his life’s journey and beyond. A tender exchange of love letters would begin our videographers’ day of filming, and a lifetime together for Matt and Joanne. Joanne looked stunning on film in a simple white wedding gown, while Matt chose a formal suit and bow-tie for the evening affairs, and once the couple were ready, our crew followed along to The Berkeley Church, which would serve as the setting for the nights’ ceremony and celebration. In a backdrop of beige candles, violet-themed ambient lighting and purple petals which traced the path of the ceremony, the couple were wed in an environment of both applause and laughter. The best man, and ring bearer, had unintentionally dropped the wedding rings during the procession, much to the second-hand chagrin of our videographers. Yet the light-hearted crowd had burst into laughter at such a slapstick slip-up, and the couple were left unphased, and jokingly poked fun at the scene’s absurdity. The ceremony took place in the brightly-lit upper attic of the restored Victorian church, a fitting match for the mostly affluent young crowd who formed the bulk of the weddings’ well-wishing congregation. The first kiss was met with “’oohs” and “aahs” from the very same crowd, drawing a contrast to the seemingly school-age love that Matt and Joanne had for each other with the reality of them and their friends’ lives as young-professionals at the prime of their lives.

The ceremony afterward would take place in the spacious atrium of the church. The newlyweds’ separate entrances were greeted with endless applause, and a proper toast to the couple echoed our very own feelings about the weddings’ atmosphere, “live life to the fullest, and laugh until you cry”. Filming the first dance for our wedding videographers was a very touching task, as the slow dance of bride and groom in full embrace amidst a dimly lit room with the flashes of the crowds’ cameras reminiscent of lightning looked like the couple were weathering a storm in the darkness, together as one. On a less-solemn note, the standard fare of cake-cutting, embarrassingly slurred speeches and silly wedding games would continue the light-hearted theme of the night. With the evening winding down, we at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography group, were left with nothing but respect and admiration for Matt and Joanne’s most celebrated union, and wish them all the best in their life. Please enjoy the following special highlight video that our videographers and cinematographers made for Matt and Joanne’s wedding day.

Venue: The Berkeley Church – 315 Queen St. E., Toronto
Photographer: Tony Giang | amgfotography
DJ: DJ Crunch
Wedding Officiant: Jim Emerson | Enduring Promises
Make Up Artists: All Dolled Up Make Up & Hair Studio| Heather Jansen
Wedding Dress: Ted Baker | The Bay
Decor: Rachelle Soucy | Botany Floral Studio
Cake: the Wicked Little Cake Company | Jaime Ho
Limo: Park Lane Livery Limousines