“Au Naturel” was the ‘mode-du-jour’ for our videographers and cinematographers here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth group, when we were invited to film a lovely premier event; Jeanette & Tyler’s wonderful wedding ceremony and celebration just this past August 16th, 2014 at one of our most favoured of venues across the GTA, in Vaughan’s very own “The Manor, by Peter and Pauls”. Jeanette & Tyler, a couple truly defined by their effervescent energy, had requested from our videographers and cinematographers that their footage to ‘look and feel as natural as possible’, from every candid moment at every perfect angle, to each and every tear-jerker throughout the day. To capture Jeanette & Tyler’s wedding experience, encapsulating its authenticity in full, was indeed a tall order for our videographers and cinematographers. Though judging from our final work, we here at SDE Weddings couldn’t be more happier, and couldn’t have wished for a better day for Jeanette & Tyler for their wedding. Scroll further to learn more about Jeanette & Tyler’s wonderful wedding day experience, and an ‘authentic ‘look at our process of capturing among life’s most precious moments.

Jeanette & Tyler’s big day, August 16th, 2014, began on a bright morning at Vaughan’s Monte Carlo Inn with our videographers and cinematographers meeting with Jeanette and her bridesmaids, eager to look their utmost best for a truly unforgettable day ahead. Jeanette & Tyler had known each other for about five years, and as they put it themselves, were quite an “unlikely couple”. Though through their friendship, something ‘clicked’ as Jeanette had put it. And here they were, on the day of their wedding, in a true testament to how unpredictable life truly is.

Upon arrival of the groom’s entourage and family, the couple eagerly made their way to the ceremony. It was a bright afternoon beside the riverbank right outside of ‘The Manor’ where Jeanette & Tyler had chosen their ceremonial spot, on a podium of stone by a stream – truly a ‘solid’ foundation for a life together, to say the least! One candid moment caught by our videographers and cinematographers that truly stood out was; as Jeanette and her parents, locked in arms, walked down the aisle, Tyler rushed towards his beloved, unaware that the procession hadn’t concluded! The chaplain said something very apt that moment, “Slow down! You’ve got the rest of your life ahead.” A cute wedding day memory caught on film, and a moment of laughs and smiles shared with the celebrants and the crowd. The ceremony had also featured a reading of the classic scripture passage, ‘1 Corinthians: 13′, of faith, hope and love. A wonderful verse for the first day of Jeanette & Tyler’s lives.

Come evening, things truly began to liven up. Beginning with one of our videographers and cinematographers’ favorite shots of the day, the couples’ first dance on a floor surrounded by dense smoke, almost looking like Jeanette & Tyler were waltzing on a cloud. A truly heavenly moment as such would ring in a night of wonderful celebration for the newlywed couple. Apart from many memorable scenes such as the signature cake-cutting and wedding games, Jeanette & Tyler gave a very special toast to their guests, and made a special thanks to many of Tyler’s relatives who flew in, some from as far as Alberta, to share in this unforgettable memory with the newlywed couple.

One ‘spectacular’ spectacle to behold from that evening, which our videographers and cinematographers had captured, was the whole entire wedding party forming a conga line on the dance-floor! And in between plenty of energetic dancing and liveliness, a solemn slow dance between couples – young and old – truly put a mark on a perfect evening’s celebration. All in all, we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth group, were truly glad to play a part in Jeanette & Tyler’s special day. We wish the two all the very best ahead of them in their lives together, and hope that our work for their wedding day exceeds the expectations; of a true and authentic look at an unforgettable experience.

Wedding Venue: ‘The Manor by Peter and Pauls’ | 16750 Weston Rd, Unit A. King City, Ontario
Wedding Officiant: Rev. Eric Reynolds
Photography: Dave Abreu Photography
DJ: Anthony Cerisano | Good Vibrations DJ Services
Make-up: Beautimarkpro
Wedding Cake: Mercato Bakery