For Mylai and Si, a young Vietnamese couple hailing from Toronto, having their wedding at this crossroad of life was a simple step forwards for the two of them. With the both having burgeoning careers in healthcare, alongside Si pursuing his masters degree, there was no better time than now to consolidate their relationship and prepare for the future together. That’s why for us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography company, believe that both love and passion can manifest itself fully in both career and craft, a view that’s in no small part echoed by Mylai and Si in their own lives as young professionals. The beloved couples’ special day took place on May 18th, 2014 at the stunningly gallant Sheraton Hotel Hamilton, just a stone’s throw away from Toronto, and as for the reception, featured the Victorian Room at Chateau Le Jardin Event Venue in Woodbridge. Scroll further to read more about Mylai and Si’s elegant wedding and our own experience in helping the couple film every special moment of their day.

Our videographers’ work with the couple begins with the ever essential makeup and prep process for Mylai and her bridesmaids, all taking place in Sheraton Hotel Hamilton at the literal crack of dawn. Mylai’s choice of wardrobe for the day would fluctuate between a slimming and stately one-piece wedding gown and a crimson red Ao Dai, a traditional Vietnamese silk tunic. Likewise for Si, a very formal suit would stand in contrast to the traditional garb of the Ao Gam brocade tunic. In many ways, this choice is reflective of Mylai and Si, both cognizant of their heritage, yet well adapted to their lives in a vibrant and multicultural Canada.To accent further the traditional theme pervasive during the morning’s preparations, Mylai and Si would have a tea ceremony with friends and family at Si’s house, as an interlude between the morning and the rest of the day’s events.

The first unique setting after the morning would, interestingly enough, be in Kleinburg Village in the hamlet of Kleinburg Ontario, quite a ways away from Hamilton. Mylai and Si had changed out of their traditional attire and into their western wardrobes by this time, and took the opportunity for many interesting photo and video shots with photographers and our very own wedding videographers. You can preview a few such scenes in the attached highlight reel.

The piece-de-resistance of the day would, however, be set in the luxurious Chateau Le Jardin, where Mylai and Si would have both the formal wedding ceremonies and an aptly extravagant reception afterwards. Come afternoon, guests began piling in, all in eagerness for the wedding ceremony. The ceremony itself was a tear-jerker, even for us. From the vantage point of anyone there, Mylai and Si’s passion and devotion for one another was apparent from the tearful confessions of love that they shared amidst the sights of the ceremony stage. Writing on the chemistry between Mylai and Si on the most important moment of their lives together would do them no justice, which is why their heartfelt words were succinctly captured for the featured highlight reel.

Once all the possible tears were shed, and we were all left as strewn up mops with no moisture, the crowd was then ready for the long night of partying ahead. Not ever the ones to pass on a good time, Mylai and Si had also requested us for our photobooth service, which has always been a hit during every event we’ve worked on. So there was no surprise when the guests just kept lining up for a chance to immortalize their silly faces in photobooth form. You can view a few of the funnier snapshots attached. As for the evening’s celebration, from a special Lion Dance feature to friends’ and family’s sentimental speeches aplenty, Mylai and Si’s wedding day ended as perfect as perfect could be, in an energetic haze of dance and liveliness that would envelop even the most grandiose of wedding venues. In the end, we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography company, wish Mylai and Si the very best in their lives together, and hope that the couple don’t forget to bring a much needed tissue box during the many wedding anniversaries to come.

Ceremony Venue: Chateau Le Jardin | 8440 Hwy 27, Woodbridge ON
Photographer: Greg and Dora | Slate Photography
DJ Service: Bao Phan
Wedding Officiant: Belma Vardy
Make Up Artists: Bene Pham
Wedding Bridal Dress: David’s Bridal
Groom Dress: Tuxedo Royale
Wedding Decor: Joyce Law | With Joy Inc.
Wedding Cake: Irresistable Cakes
Limo: Toronto Limo Rentals & O/A Hummer Limo Service Inc.