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From capturing many of life’s most precious memories to lovingly crafting a full-feature film of every cherished moment of your wedding day, our expert videographers and cinematographers have perfected the art of videography, cinematography and creating an eternal token of your most special wedding memories made exclusively for you and your loved ones.

Toronto Wedding Videographer & Cinematographer Film Portfolio

If ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, then a motion picture must be worth more than what mere words can describe. The day of a wedding can be described in many ways, hectic, overwhelming, joyful, energetic, beautiful, elegant, and indeed an entire string of superlatives that, like the love that creates it, goes on forever. Yet the idea that a countless infinitude of words can be recapitulated in a highlight video is one of the magical things that SDE Weddings’ videographers and cinematographers have the extraordinary ability to create. Many happy newlyweds in and around Toronto have relied on our work to sum up their storybook wedding day in full media form, and you too can enjoy a few fruits of our labour with the wedding highlight videos featured below. Give us your timeless memories and we can help you share them with the world.

Non-­linear highlight reels are a few minutes longer in length compared to their linear counterpart, give or take 4 to 6 minutes. Non­-linear edits tend to incorporate speeches from the end of the day, readings from the ceremony, the morning's wedding letters, and the clips played are not in sequential order. As such, the non­-linear edit is slightly slower in pace, though packs much more soundbite content which results in, what our clients have found to be, a more personalized and story­ driven video. 

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Linear wedding highlight videos, a favorite among some of our video editors, seeks to tell the chronological story of your wedding day. From the moment the couple begins their diligent preparations to the final few moments spent in new ­found marital bliss on the banquet hall's dance floor. Linear highlight reels tend to be about 3 to 5 minutes in length, and are ideal for personal Youtube or Facebook uploads to share with family & friends as a token of remembrance for your wedding day. The wedding day's events are usually told with an accompanying song of your choice, or if you're adventurous, our seasoned cinematographers can pick a suitable song that flows well with the film. Linear highlight reels are often times fast­paced, and have little to no dialogue added as dialogue breaks do indeed 'break' the linearity and flow of the highlight reel.

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A same day edit is a wedding highlight video that our wedding cinematographers create on the fly during the day of your wedding. It typically lasts about 3 to 5 minutes and it is usually played at the reception. The reason why a lot of couples get a ‘same day edit’ is so that they can see wedding day morning clips of each other getting ready, and also to highlight earlier ceremonies or events such as the wedding ceremony for any late guests to enjoy.

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In a similar vein to the same day edit, a next day edit is a highlight reel reserved for weddings which span multiple days. Given that our wedding videographers and cinematographers have a bit of extra time to work on a next day edit as opposed to a same day edit, next day edits tend to be a bit longer and more polished in editing. Next day edits are rather popular for South Asian weddings which usually have multiple wedding events, with the next day edit featured in full splendor on the final day of celebration.

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Imagine a complete and fully edited feature film of your very own wedding day. A cinematic creation for a lifetime. Well, our videographers and cinematographers can make such dreams a reality! A full video from our film professionals incorporates a custom music overlay of your choice, professional sound editing and colour correction for a perfect finishing touch. This edited video includes all of the footage shot during the wedding day fully incorporated into your film, to give you a complete experience of your special day from beginning to end. Length varies from 50 to 180 minutes or more, depending on the events of the day and if your wedding celebration spans into multiple days.

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A subtle yet superb touch to make a sublime moment ever-more superlative! An engagement video is an option chosen by some couples to serve as an online wedding invitation to send to friends, as well as something a bit like a sneak-peek for what’s in store come the real wedding day. Engagement videos are also usually played at the reception, to give the entire wedding experience a sense of ‘completion’, with the engagement video serving as a starting-point in a way. Most importantly, since it’s not tied to the proper wedding day and all its logistics, it’s the perfect chance for couples to get creative; to tell your story, and to share a thing or two with your guests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that our film-making expertise is a perfect fit in tying together all the wedding media matters so that you can finally tie the knot, with peace of mind that you can relive these precious moments again and again. We are willing to answer any and all questions you might have about our service and what we have to offer to you. Here are a few of our more frequently asked questions.

Why should we hire SDE Weddings to film our wedding?

Plainly put, our videographers and cinematographers are perfectionists, always striving towards providing superior quality in our work. Since we are a group of friends, there is natural competition between our videographers and editors, such that everyone tries to one-up each other in production values and quality. This environment of creative competition is one of our greatest assets in ensuring that the absolute best is always aimed for in everything that we do, and we are always striving to improve our skills and our work after each and every wedding day. Another quality of our team is that we believe in engaging our clients in the creative process.

Creativity and imagination are the fuel to our company's fire, and it goes without saying that bringing couples into the fold of our artistic endeavors will always produce unforgettable memories that last throughout the couples' lives together. We have extensive experience with a multitude of couples from many diverse backgrounds, and in the spirit of Toronto's multiculturalism, we are more than ready to accommodate to the cultures, styles and tastes of our clients.

What types of cameras do you use to film weddings?

We use Canon EOS C100, Canon 6D, Canon 7DMKII and the Canon 5D MK II, Sony A7R, DJI Cameras, GoPro Cameras.

Do you use a steadicam?

Yes, we use the Glidecam HD4000, DJI Ronin-M, Steadicam Pilot, and Steadicam Solo for camera stabilization. We also favor lenses with built in image stabilization functions.

Do you bring backup cameras?

Yes, we always bring backups. Every moment of your wedding day is precious, and thus we take any and all precautions to be ready if there are any hiccups in the filming process.

How do you select the music for your videos?

We usually ask our clients to provide us with 5 to 7 of their favorite songs. From this selection, we will then pick the song that best reflects the wedding.

Do we get DVDs or BluRay copies of our wedding video?

Yes, we provide our clients with the option of adding DVDs or BluRays onto their investment packages.

We are interested in your service, can you hold our proposed date for the next two weeks till we make a decision?

Unfortunately due to high demand we cannot hold wedding dates. Your wedding date is secured with a signed agreement and deposit.

How long is your full day coverage?

Our full day coverage usually starts from 9AM in the morning to 10PM in the evening.

Do you provide photography service?

Our group's focus and strengths lie in wedding day videography and cinematography, thus we unfortunately do not provide photography service. However, having worked with many photography groups during many weddings, we are at the liberty to recommend a list of talented photographers for your day.

How do you work with different photographers?

p>Our goal is to work in unison with your photographer to document your wedding day in the best possible fashion. We know that photography is an integral part of capturing wedding day memories, so the logistics behind the entire videography and photography process is essential to our work.</P><p>In the morning when you are getting ready, we would typically arrive 30 minutes before your photographer to make sure we get the shots that we needed. If you have a very tight schedule, we will communicate with your photographer either before or on the day of the wedding to make sure we do not disrupt the flow of each others' work.</P><p>When it comes to the ceremony, we will tell your photographer exactly where we will be standing to film. If needed, we will move to make sure that your photographer can get the perfect shoot of you and your fiancee at the altar. For the reception, we will inform your photographer of our planned filming locations to best capture your entrances, speeches, dances and wedding reception activities.</P>

Are you hiring at the moment?

Unfortunately, we are not looking to hire any additional wedding videographers, cinematographers and editors. We want to keep our team intimate and provide our client a specialist feel in our work.

What is a highlight video?

A wedding highlight video is a 3 to 7 minute video of the best clips, moments and sound bites from your wedding day. This is the video that most couples share with their friends and family.

How long is the full wedding video?

A typical wedding video is usually 60 to 150 minutes. The length varies depending on how long your ceremony is, how many reception speeches there were and how many unique events and ceremonies took place throughout the day.

What are your payment terms?

The retainer fee to reserve SDE Weddings for your wedding date(s) is $700+HST. All outstanding fees must be paid to SDE Weddings prior to services rendered.

How long has SDE Weddings been in business?

We started filming as a team since the spring of 2010.

Who are the wedding videographers & cinematographes from your team?

There are 8 highly experienced videographers in our wedding videography crew. We shoot our events as a team, and organize our efforts together as a team to achieve the best results possible. We do not hire freelance videographers, since we want consistent quality in our work. We are a group of friends who have worked on countless film projects since the early days of our company, and thus have a common goal of becoming the best wedding day storytellers in the industry.

What type of equipment do you bring to a wedding?

In terms of equipment, we bring tripods, monopods, sliders, steadicams, lav mics, digital field recorders, lights, and plenty of backup gear.

How do you record sound?

Sound is a vital part of our work and we go through extreme efforts to ensure that we capture the best sound quality throughout the wedding day. All of our cameras have an external microphone attached for professional sound recording, so that we never skip a beat.For the wedding ceremony, we give a lav mic to the groom to record the wedding vows, and capture the rest of the room with a digital field recorder for audio of the procession. If possible, we will tap into the sound system of the venue and record the master sound track on a separate digital field recorder.During the reception, we will leave a digital field recorder next to the speaker to record room sound. We will tap into the DJ sound board to record the master sound track on a digital field recorder. For wedding day speeches, we leave a third digital field recorder on the podium.

How do you store the raw footage from our wedding?

We keep three different permanent physical copies of the raw footage from your wedding, one copy in our office, one copy in Scarborough and the third copy in Mississauga.

How long would it usually take for you to finish editing our wedding video?

We generally deliver all of our videos in three to six months. If your wedding is taking place during the off season, your videos will be delivered a lot sooner.

How far in advance should we book you?

Usually, our clients books us 5 to 16 months in advance. We recommend that you book us for the estimated date as early as possible to secure our services for your wedding day.

How do we secure your service? How do we reserve our wedding date?

Once you have finalized the decision to hire us for your wedding, we will draft up a contract for your date. Once both parties has signed the contract, and the deposit fee paid, we will lock your wedding day and turn down future inquires about that wedding date.

How many weddings a year do you guys film?

The number of weddings we film each year varies. Our goal is to deliver the best work for all our clients. For this reason, we try to limit the number of weddings we each film to 35.

Do you travel internationally?

Yes, our videographers and cinematographer would love to travel!!

Do you use lighting?

We always bring lights to all of our weddings for safety, but we will only use it in extremely dark situations and only as a last resort. We are not big fans of using video lighting though, since we don't want to change the mood of your decor and interfere with your guest's wedding experience.

Do you follow us to the photoshoot?

Yes, we usually follow the wedding congregation through the photoshoot. During the photo sessions, we try to capture candid moments between both bride and groom to add to our storytelling. If time permits, we will also try to have a creative filming session. Usually, we ask the bride &amp; groom to reserve 20 to 30 minutes for our videographers for the creative video shoot.

What is a “Same Day Edit”?

A same day edit is a wedding highlight video that our wedding cinematographers create on the fly during the day of your wedding. It typically lasts about 3 to 5 minutes and it is usually played at the reception. The reason why a lot of couples get a 'same day edit' is so that they can see wedding day morning clips of each other getting ready, and also to highlight earlier ceremonies or events such as the wedding ceremony for any late guests to enjoy.

SDE Weddings VideographerThis company goes above and beyond for their clients. Always professional and non invasive. Works well with photographers. The same day edit at my wedding was AMAZING! It makes our friends and family tear up! We are so happy we used their services at our wedding. I recommend to anyone, but especially to couples that may have different traditions than the basic ceremony. They are known for working with couples with different cultural backgrounds. They take the time to go over what is important to each couple! I had a larger over the top wedding and they were on point!“— Michelle + Paul 5.05.0