Familiarity is a funny thing. Having a discriminating taste is paramount when involving yourself in a field such as as weddings and wedding videography. No surprise then that through our many years working with vendors and venues here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography company, we’ve come to familiarize ourselves with a cavalcade of Toronto’s best when it comes to delivering the finest wedding experiences to couples. Many factors come into play when judging a venue’s worth; from the amorous ambiance, aesthetics and atmosphere, to the cunning cutlery of the cuisinieres, all those behind the scenes working their hardest to make your dream day the best it can be, and everything in between. Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding day, then, can be made a bit less laborious a task with the following list we’ve compiled of the best of the best venues that we’ve worked with here in Toronto and all across the GTA. Each venue listed here has their own unique qualities and individual charms, such that picking the perfect one is made much simpler for you.

In no particular order, here are SDE Weddings’ top picks for the best wedding venues in Toronto and the GTA.

Hazelton Manor

Nestled in the perfect out­of­town park getaway along the outskirts of Vaughan, just a stone’s throw away from the major highway-­hub connecting the 400 and the 407, and only blocks from York University, Vaughan’s very own Hazelton Manor exemplifies the saying that “location is everything”. Hazelton Manor offers two spacious and luxuriously designed ballrooms that are enough to fit up to 700 of your best guests for the best day of your life. As an added feature, Hazelton Manor offers an extensive menu of delectable dining options, from entrées to hors- d’oeuvres and more, all of which you can peruse on their website. Altogether, from the numerous times we’ve filmed at the Hazelton Manor, we’ve been nothing short of pleased with how elegant the service is and how delightful the experience always turns out to be. Truly a recommended resort for your wedding.

Venue Address: 99 Peelar Road Vaughan, ON L4K 1A5
Phone Number: 905-532-9500
Reception Capacity: Up to 700.

Here are the wedding video that our team of videographers & cinematographers created at the Hazelton Manor.

[vimeo id=123859037][vimeo id=120994424]
[vimeo id=114725056 ]

Eglinton Grand

If it’s your wedding we’re talking about, then no-one will fault you for living a bit ‘large’ for the day. That’s why the Eglinton Grand truly lives up to its name as, from our experience, an absolutely grand wedding venue that you, your spouse and your many guests will certainly fall in love with. A ‘historic’ location to say the least, the Eglinton Grand was once home to the acclaimed ‘Eglinton Theatre’ during the heyday of Toronto’s up-and-coming theatre culture during the advent of motion pictures. Restored resplendently to its former glory, the Eglinton Grand is beyond doubt among the classiest of wedding venues we’ve worked at. With a whole theatre’s worth of space, from the balcony which suits 700, to the ceremonial room with seating capacity of 300, the Eglinton Grand offers the discerning couple just the perfect amount of room to enjoy their day with family and friends. Have your wedding be a part of Toronto’s history at the Eglinton Grand.

Venue Address: 400 Eglinton Ave West Toronto, ON M5N 1A2
Phone Number:416-485-5900
Reception Capacity: up to 700.

Here is the wedding video that our videographer made for Michael & Linda’s wedding took place on August 3rd, 2014 at the Eglinton Grand.

[youtube id=vd_aeBKbfLE mode=normal maxwith=500]

Another lovely Vaughan venue, the Venetian Banquet Hall, by its namesake, is an homage to lovely Italian city of Venice, a locale that stirs up an air of romance, passion and love. In such a sense, the Venetian in Vaughan truly lives up to its Italian counterpart. With its absolutely stellar architecture, an eye-opening 30,000 square feet of venue space, gorgeously designed interior finishes and furnishings and a wide-arrangement of dishes to serve every discerning palette, the Venetian Banquet Hall experience is enough to leave you feeling like royalty on your wedding day. Conveniently located just beside Pearson International Airport and a few minutes away from Highway 400, the Venetian Banquet Hall has an excellent location for an excellent occasion. One of SDE Wedding’s favourite picks, make sure to check them out!

Venue Address: 219 Romina Drive Concord, ON L4K 4V3
Phone Number: 905-660-1110
Reception Capacity: Up to 900.
Email: teresam@thevenetian.ca

Here are the weddings that we have filmed at the Venetian.

[vimeo id=103875029]

Mark McEwan’s Bymark Restaurant

In the literal atrium of the beating heart of Toronto’s financial district, Bymark Restaurant located in the TD Towers is an impressive amalgam of modernist design, an urban atmosphere, and an international array of culinary curiosities. Headed by celebrity chef Mark McEwan, and equipped with an expansive menu prepared by executive chef Brooke McDougall, this upper-end restaurant makes the perfect downtown wedding destination for those with unquenchable palates and diacritic tastes. From the impression of our videographers, Bymark restaurant provides a high-end experience for couples seeking elegance and an ultra-modern motif for their wedding reception.

Venue Address: 66 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5K 1M6
Phone Number: 416 777-1144
Exceptional Catering by Executive Chef Brooke McDougall from the Mark McEwan Group
Seated Dinning: 48
Cocktail: 100

Here is the wedding video that our team made for Andrew & Jessica for their wedding that took place on July 6th, 2013 at the Bymark.

[vimeo id=76808937 mode=normal maxwith=500]

Arcadian Court & Arcadian Loft

Among the most sought after event complexes in Toronto, Oliver and Bonaci’s Arcadian Court & Loft haughtily boasts a historical charm in its restored art-deco design. Opened in 1929 and situated on the eighth floor of the prestigious 401 Bay Centre at the core of downtown Toronto, this luxurious space offers both time-tested elegance and modern amenities, making any event held within its walls a sophisticated one.

Among the facets that drew our videographers and cinematographers to this venue: location, location, location. A high-end historic downtown venue with a view of Toronto’s City Hall. If you’ve happened to have a penchant for the classier aesthetic, then this spot is perfect. Open till 2am and beyond, the Arcadian complex is a highly accommodating space that makes an ideal wedding day venue choice.

Venue Address: 401 Bay Street, Simpson Tower, 8th Floor, Toronto, ON, M5H 2Y4
Phone Number: 416.364.1211
Kosher Catering
Arcadian Court Seated: 800
Arcadian Court Reception: 1500
Arcadian Loft Seated: 314
Arcadian Loft Reception: 340

Palais Royale

Weddings, social affairs and all that Jazz. Palais Royale has been in the business for 92 years, and had been a familiar setting for the most swinging’ jazz and blues artists of the past century. Apart from its distinct historical significance, Palais Royale’s modern venue in its current state had been a result of a revival in 2005, the end result being the creation of one of Toronto’s premier event destinations, and a perfect setting for prime photos, videography and cinematography. With a setting that overlooks the expanse of Lake Ontario, Palais Royale is the ideal wedding day choice for those drawn to sophistication, style and a bit of swing, cause as they say; “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”.

Venue Address: 1601 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M6K 3C1
Phone Number: 416 533-3553
Reception Capacity: 800
Banquet Hall: 300 (8 per table)

Here is the wedding video that our videographer made for Nicole & Sean for their wedding that took place on August 9th, 2014 at the Palais Royale.
[youtube id=il8eDLGTaTQ mode=normal maxwith=500]

The Manor | by Peter and Pauls

Contrary to popular belief, size does matter. With 34,000 square feet of venue, 3 banquet halls and a massive tournament-grade golf course and country club just outside, this event space, immediately north of Woodbridge and nestled by a river running down from Lake Simcoe. is an exemplary wedding day setting for those who’re drawn to the allure of the country scenery far removed from the bustling busyness of Toronto.

For events with a guestlist numbering in the high hundreds to thousands, this guarded green getaway makes an ideal wedding day spot for photoshoots, videography and cinematography. The Manor is one of our top choices for couples who have a preference for the quaintness of the country and outdoor life.

Venue Address: 16750 Weston Road, King ON, L0G 1J0
Phone Number: (905) 727-0101
Email: diane.m@bypeterandpauls.com
Capacity: 3 banquet halls, largest accommodates 320 guests.

Here are the wedding video that our team created at the Manor.

[vimeo id=117823129][vimeo id=78420564]
[vimeo id=120218486]

Chateau Le Jardin Conference & Event Venue

For those who’ve got a penchant for the classiest of wedding-day getaways, look no further than the Chateau Le Jardin Conference & Event Venue, a stunningly elegant French ‘Chateau’ built with an exquisitely designed 30,000 square feet banquet hall coupled with an absolutely gorgeous exterior. Another Vaughan venue, Chateau Le Jardin has a convenient locale just several steps away from the Holiday Inn, and is right at the junction of Highway 7 and Highway 27, just north of Highway 407 (That’s three 7’s, jackpot!). Couples handling more than a handful of wedding-well-wishers will be satisfied with Chateau Le Jardin’s spacious capacities, accommodating well up to 1,300 guests. One issue we’d like to mention for those diligent wedding planners is that our videographers have noticed that their wall partitions don’t properly drown out sound from other events in the venue. Otherwise, Chateau Le Jardin provides the utmost highest standard we’ve witnessed among wedding venues. A highly recommended wedding-day destination.

Venue Address: 8440 Highway 27 Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A5
Phone Number: 905-851-2200
Reception Capacity: Up to 1,300.

Here are the video that we made from weddings that took place at Chateau Le Jardin.

[vimeo id=120016449][vimeo id=102770651]
[vimeo id=95555821][vimeo id=76392120]

Graydon Hall Manor

One of our staple videography venues. Situated by North York’s characteristic Don Valley, the historic Graydon Hall is an exceptional ‘urban oasis’ in perfect proximity between city centre and suburban sprawl, between Toronto’s pioneering past and mosaic future.

A traditional English manor in the style of the Georgian period, the Graydon Hall Manor’s estate was constructed in 1936 and boasts a scenic stone terrace, lush gardens and an interior which suits guests numbering in the mid hundreds. For those who’d prefer a hands-free holiday wedding, the manor also offers their very own event designers to oversee all designs and details, ensuring that your wedding day looks and feels as perfect as possible for photos and videography. If convenience and class are your query’s qualifiers, Graydon Hall Manor will fit your needs perfectly.

Venue Address: 185 Graydon Hall Drive, North York, ON M3A 3B1
Phone Number: (416) 449-5432
Capacity: 200
Email: concierge@graydonhall.com

Here is the wedding video that our team made for Cheuk & Dora for their Chinese wedding that took place on Saturday, April 13th, 2013 at the Graydon Hall.

[vimeo id=67925432 mode=normal maxwith=500]

Grand Luxe

Grand Luxe Event Boutique on Bayview is another of our staple videography venues, and exactly as it says on the tin, ‘Grand Luxe’ boasts an air of luxury the very moment you set foot inside. With 6000 square feet of venue space, friendly staff, well served appetizers and cuisine, and an ideal location close to the 401, this fairly frequented Toronto wedding destination also has its own Google Maps virtual tour featured on their website, which we highly recommend you check out, since after all ‘seeing is believing’. One interesting facet we’ve observed every time we’ve worked at Grand Luxe was a particular vendor working at the bar who’s a professional ‘pyromancer’ of sorts, adept in a fire breathing bit that never fails to please the crowd, and makes a great shot for our cinematographers.

The various featured furnishings are chic and modern, the interior bright and spacious, with a ballroom, a parlour, and a bridal suite/green room to suit all your wedding day needs. Overall, Grand Luxe is an ideal choice for those who value a balance between beauty and simplicity.

One important point to note for those who are concerned with accessibility, the Grand Luxe has their washroom facilities in the lower-level basement which might pose a concern for those with guests that require accessibility support. If there are any issues, please contact Grand Luxe directly.

Venue Address: 3125 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M2K 1G2
Phone Number: (416) 250-5893
Capacity: 800
Email: info@grandluxe.ca

Here are the wedding videos that our team made at the Grand Luxe.

[vimeo id=99895490][vimeo id=102568738]

The 1871 Berkeley Church

What better a place to seal the bond of holy matrimony and top it off with a memorable celebration than in a church? And believe us, this ain’t no ‘bingo night’ with grandma Ethel and the nuns either. The Berkeley Church, built in 1871, is a landmark Toronto building that had been transformed to become one of Toronto’s finest event venues. Located on Toronto’s lifeblood line of Queen Street, this homely wedding setting is conveniently just a streetcar away from the downtown core. The church features an open space that includes the first floor grand ballroom and the second floor mezzanine, a wine cellar and an antique lounge; perfect photography and videography spots all in one package. Many of the weddings we’ve covered here had ceremonies held on the mezzanine and the reception in the ballroom, a significant plus for a venue when considering convenience. Catering provided is reasonably priced, and the patio beside the church makes for a cozy environment for cocktail receptions.

Venue Address: 315 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1S7
Phone Number: (416) 361-9666
Email Address: info@berkeleyevents.com
Capacity: Maximum 700

Here are the wedding videos that our team made at the Berkeley Church.

[vimeo id=56715408][vimeo id=95458479]
[vimeo id=93167264 ]

Bellvue Manor

Elegance, extravagance, style and class. This Vaughan venue, with a modest capacity of 750 guests, exquisite on-site catering and among the most gorgeous wedding furnishings and decorations our videographers have seen, is a splendid selection for couples and families who put a premium on all of the above. Catering includes, in particular, a Martini ice bar and an extensive selection of fine cuisine and palate pleasers. Also available on their website is a virtual panorama tour of their main room and library room, for those interested Situated close to highway 7 and the 400, Vaughan’s Bellvue Manor is an ideal option for weddings with reasonably sized guest lists and those who prefer a subdued evening ambiance to their reception.

Venue Address: 8083 Jane St, Vaughan, ON L4K 2M7
Phone Number:(905) 761-7288
Email: info@bellvuemanor.com
Capacity: 1000

Liberty Grand

Just south of Toronto’s Liberty Village on the shores of Lake Ontario, and nestled within Toronto’s acclaimed Exhibition Place, Liberty Grand stands as the centrepiece among Toronto’s many wedding venue destinations. A lake shore scene just a stone’s throw away makes plentiful of perfect videography and photo-shoot opportunities, and an impressive interior of four spacious rooms, an inner courtyard akin to a Roman villa, and an elaborate outer architecture invokes only the highest sense of refinement and luxury.

Ranking among only a handful of Toronto’s traditional ballrooms, Liberty Grand’s interior is a bona fide replica of Victorian period interior design. With a 100,000 square feet complex, Liberty Grand tops the entire list in sheer venue size. Apart from the building itself, the catering, management and services were top notch, and from our videographers’ experience, every wedding we’ve filmed at Liberty Grand turned out wonderfully, in person and on film. Overall, Liberty Grand is a solid choice for couples with a preference for extravagance.

Venue Address: 25 British Columbia Rd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3
Phone Number:(416) 542-3789
Capacity: 1500
Emai: info@libertygrand.com

Here are the wedding videos that our team made at the Liberty Grand.

[youtube id=PR4Q6FVRKvM][youtube id=VJG_mf6FL9U]
[vimeo id=92097949][vimeo id=105316054]

Ritz Carlton Toronto

A towering testament to post-modernist architecture, Ritz Carlton Toronto is the ‘biggest’ name we’ve got on this list, and for good reason. You won’t have any trouble “puttin’ on the ritz” with an event held in Toronto’s largest luxury ballroom, 7400 square feet, the ‘Wellington’ room, adding another 3000 square feet, and various added spaces such as a gallery, grand foyer and promenade all to top it off. Embedded in the epicentre of Toronto’s financial and performing arts districts, with impeccable views overlooking the Toronto skyline, lake Ontario, Metro Hall Park and the famous Roy Thompson Hall (a goldmine of shot-sources for our videographers), this high-end hotel venue is excellent for couples who want to go all out in having the most luxurious downtown wedding reception imaginable. With a diverse offering of fine dining, cocktails, a cafe and bar, the Ritz Carlton has plenty of choices to please every palate for your guests. All in all, beyond the Ritz Carlton label is a wedding experience that goes above and beyond all expectations, and thus makes this venue a prime location for couples preferring their wedding set in the heart of Toronto’s downtown metropolis.

Venue Address:181 Wellington Street West Toronto, ON M5V 3G7
Phone Number:(416) 585-2500
Capacity: Toronto ballroom seating: 600, wellington ballroom: 200 each, 4 separate venues in ballroom, the gallery: 80 for seated dinner, 110 for standing room
Email: yyzrz.leads@ritzcarlton.com

Here is the wedding video that our team made for William & May for their wedding that took place on May 18th, 2014 at the Liberty Grand.

[vimeo id=99166575 mode=normal maxwith=500]

Old Mill Inn

Old Mills Inn is a landmark historical venue and heritage property set on the banks of the Humber river. Built a century ago as ‘The Old Mill Tea Garden’ on 2.5 hectares of land overlooking the Humber valley, this year marks its 100th anniversary, marking a century of serving Toronto the highest standard of hospitality and service. The building is built in the style of English Tudor architecture, and is a host to 60 rooms for its guests. Rustic stone walls give a charming old-world feel to the venue atmosphere, and coupled with its modern interior, the contrast created is perfect for those aiming for a quaint and subdued wedding day environment in a historical setting. The reception area includes an open-concept patio, with a lovely view of the outdoor greenery surrounding the estate, offering many opportunities for photos and videography. Only minutes from Old Mill Station and Bloor Street West, Old Mill Inn is an exceptional choice all around for more private wedding receptions.

Venue Address: 21 Old Mill Rd, Toronto, ON M8X 1G5
Phone Number:(416) 236-2641
Capacity: max 1000

Here is the wedding video that our team made for Chris & Natalie for their wedding that took place on July 12th, 2013 at the Old Mill Inn.

[vimeo id=73187213 mode=normal maxwith=500]

Apollo Convention Centre

When we first worked at the Apollo Convention Centre in Mississauga, we thought their name was a reference to the Apollo 11 moon landing, ’cause this place is astronomically massive. An impressive 40,000 square feet event space in the outskirts of the GTA, Apollo Convention Centre is a recently built wedding venue which, by our experience, is a favourite among South Asian couples. With help from the in-house vendors Empire entertainment, the Apollo Convention Centre also holds with it one of the best lighting, sound and projection systems in any venue we’ve seen, with a whopping 6 motorized screens and projectors, complete JBL surround sound system and more; a videographers’ dream. For those who put a preference for high quality media, and/or couples whose guest lists look more like tax returns, this stellar spot just by the 410 is a perfect choice.

Address: 6591 Innovator Dr, Mississauga, ON L5T 2V8
Phone Number:(905) 670-8009
Venue Capacity: up to 1200
Email: info@apolloconventioncentre.com

Here is the wedding video that our team made for Dianne & Anthony for their Filipino wedding that took place on January 10th, 2015 at the Apollo Convention Centre.

[vimeo id=117099631 mode=normal maxwith=500]

Grand Empire Banquet & Convention Centre

Setting foot for the first time within its walls, ‘Grand Empire’ quickly conquered our hearts and won our videographers over as one of the finest venues we’ve been to. Another spacious event space, with 25,000 square feet fit for all your wedding day needs, Grand Empire Banquet & Convention Centre is a frequent staple whenever we film in Brampton, and it’s no surprise why. With the option to select your own lighting and overall colour themes, Grand Empire offers its prospective wedding day clients a dual deal of both class and customizability. Located at 100 Nexus ave, aptly enough, at the ‘nexus’ of Brampton proper, just by Queen St. and Highway 50, and merely a short trek away from the wooded trails of the Claireville Conservation Area, Grand Empire brings to the table both a magnificent Brampton location and a magnificent wedding day experience.

Venue Address:100 Nexus Ave, Brampton, ON L6P 3R6
Phone Number:(905) 794-4441
Capacity: 1200
Email: info@grandempirebanquet.com

Here is the wedding video that our team made for Neel & Mallika for their wedding that took place on September 14th, 2013 at the Grande Empire Banquet Hall.

[vimeo id=86477341 mode=normal maxwith=500]

Paradise Banquet Hall

Wedged between Highway 7 and the 407, at 7601 Jane St. (That’s three 7’s, jackpot!), the family owned and operated Paradise Banquet Hall and Convention Centre in Vaughan offers over forty years of event venue expertise under its belt, and is a highly acclaimed wedding setting for those in and around York region. Paradise, quite true to its name, boasts an impressive facility; in a dance floor, two bridal suites, two bars and a private lobby, plenty of space for intimate photo and videography sessions with friends and family. Perfect for small to medium sized events, the ‘classic room’ and ‘classic lobby’ adds up to about 8000 square feet of space, making Paradise a charming venue for couples who prefer an intimate atmosphere for their wedding day.

Venue Address: 7601 Jane St, Vaughan, ON L4K 1X2
Phone Number:(416) 661-6612
Capacity: 1500
Email: info@paradisehalls.com

Here is the wedding video that our team made for Sam & Dina for their Assyrian wedding that took place on May 18th, 2013 at the Paradise Banquet Hall.

[vimeo id=70003995 mode=normal maxwith=500]

Scarborough Convention Centre

Just a block from Markham and Finch, between the 407 and the 401, is one of the finest event venues offered around the GTA’s eastern front. With space suffice to accommodate well up to 1500 guests, the Scarborough Convention Centre is a versatile venue that suits corporate gatherings, social events, extravagant wedding receptions and the like. One particular strong suit for this event space is the lighting quality available for the guests, which to our videographers was a top notch feature. The facility hosts five spacious rooms, a grand foyer and vestibule. Rooms are able to be arranged, connected or separated via sound-insulated wall partitions, giving you freedom of choice in how large a reception your event should ideally have. The halls themselves look like palace hallways, and the architectural style exceeds expectations in terms of luxury and elegance. Overall, for those who’d prefer a venue close to the east end, the Scarborough Convention Centre should definitely be to your liking.

Venue Address: 20 Torham Pl, Toronto, ON
Phone Number:(416) 335-6060
Capacity: max 2500
Email: info@scarboroughcc.com

Mississauga Convention Centre

Right in tandem with the above venue, all the way over on the other side of the GTA is the Mississauga Convention Centre, arguably the finest wedding and event venue the west end has to offer. Just minutes away from four major highways, this conveniently located and family operated venue touts a total of 30,000 square feet of expansive venue area, with six ballrooms and a capacity of up to 2400 people; an excellent offering for those expecting large wedding day congregations. Our videographers can attest to the excellent staff service and catering offered in the Mississauga Convention Centre, and highly recommends this spot for couples preferring a wedding day reception spot in Mississauga or the west end.

Venue Address: 75 Derry Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5W 1G3
Phone Number:(905) 564-1920
Capacity: 2400

Here is the wedding video that our team made for Lester & Monica for their wedding that took place on October 12th, 2013 at the Mississauga Convention Centre.

[vimeo id=84364520 mode=normal maxwith=500]

Well, that about wraps up SDE Weddings’ list of the best of the best Toronto and the surrounding GTA have to offer for wedding venues and event spaces, as picked by our veteran Toronto wedding videographers and seasoned cinematographers. Good luck with your wedding plans and happy hunting!