Is planning the details of your wedding day travel ‘driving’ you up the road? Can’t choose between a carpool to your ceremony or hitchin’ a cab to go get hitched? Why not look into renting out a limousine or two for your wedding day? We here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth group, have been part of countless wedding days and have narrowed it down through travel experience that not only are wedding day limousines a nice stylish point to add to your wedding, but are also surprisingly quite cost-efficient for large-wedding groups; which sure as hell beats pumping up the gas bill for carpools. Never has riding in style been so convenient, and with a bit of advice from our videographers and cinematographers, we can help find the limousine service that’s just perfect for you.

Some wedding-day words of advice: Having filmed countless of weddings throughout Toronto, we’ve gotten to know the limousine services serving Toronto quite well. From our estimates and for the sake your wedding day budget, we’ve ball-parked the rate for limos in Toronto to about $100 per hour usually. When it comes to the weddings we’ve worked on, couples who live far apart hire two limousines for their respective groups, while naturally those who live just a few blocks away opt for a single carriage. The wedding celebrants often hire limousines for the entire day, employing their service in the morning between home and the ceremony, afterwards between ceremony and photoshoot locations, and finally from photoshoots to the reception venue. So depending on your schedule, and how much you love flashy cars, you might be spending quite sizeable sum to travel in style; though since it -is- your wedding day, some added luxury is a tad bit forgiveable.

Another handy shortcut; offers limousine service reviews not just for the GTA but all over Canada. Especially handy for those planning their weddings outside the T-dot.

Also, a comprehensive list of the limousine services we’ve worked with, all of whom are highly recommended by yours truly:

Olympic Limousine | | 416-726-4600
First Glance Limousine Service | | 416-726-4438
Toronto Limos | | 416-488-3888
Paradies Limo | | 416-502-2522
Yorkville Limo | | 416-835-5466
Toronto Limousine Service | | 647-847-2629
Toronto Limo Rentals | | 416-464-3929
Erin Mills Limo | | 416-994-9188
Star Light Limousine | | 416-822-2547
Downtown Toronto Limo | | 416-997-5466
Royal Limousine Services | | 416-777-2255
A Celebrity Limousine | | 416-410-2226
Regals Livery Services | | 647-802-2526
Best Limo Service | | 416-321-6789
Toronto Limos 416 | | 416-846-6383
Global VIP Limousine | | 416-800-2086
Toronto First Class Limo | | 416-450-2861