As the old saying goes, “variety is the spice of life.” The eclectic cornucopia of culture found in Toronto’s diverse population is one of the most interesting and engaging cultural aspects with which many of us from the Greater Toronto Area have grown to know all too well. So for us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group, nothing is more novel and exciting than working with inter-faith and inter-cultural couples to create a work of art which reflects vividly the many and varied facets of their cultural interactions and experiences. A work which culminates in something as truly magical and beautiful as a mutual bond build from love. Such was how our videographers and cinematographers felt when working with Kingston & Russanthy on their interfaith Tamil & Catholic wedding events held just last year on July 3rd and 4th, 2015, with dual religious ceremonies held at Scarborough’s Canada Sri Ayyappan Hindu Temple and St. Rose of Lima Catholic Parish respectively. One day to commemorate and celebrate one ethno-religious heritage, and another the next, all becoming one as a whole in the end with a truly unforgettable wedding weekend celebration held at the ever luxurious Markham Convention Centre in Markham. And through it all, our videographers and cinematographers keeping vigilant eye on every magical moment as they unfold in sequence. Though Kingston & Russanthy are both Indian, their distinct religious traditions are a perfect reflection of the plurality and diversity which characterizes the Indian subcontinent’s vibrant history, and indeed is something from which we as Canadians of many differing backgrounds could draw an inspiration from. So come with us as we here at SDE Weddings reminisce our wonderful time working with Kingston & Russanthy on a once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience.

For the first in a two-day work for our videographers and cinematographers, we had met Kingston & Russanthy at their respective homes for their preparations. In our highlight reel, our videographers had chosen to feature a quick sequence of scenes from the shots that made up the morning preparations for both days. Contrasting from bride to groom in successions, all of it summing up to present Kingston & Russanthy as an ever-eager couple embarking on a journey that would define their lives together. For the first day, Kingston & Russanthy’s Tamil wedding ceremony took place at the Canada Sri Ayyappan Hindu Temple in Scarborough. In a series of rituals spanning roughly six hours, our videographers spent a solemn and dignified time capturing an ancient cultural legacy – one of vibrant energy, of air filled with love and devotion – all to end with Kingston & Russanthy in a very special scene of the pair sharing garlands of flowers to commemorate their ultimate union as husband and wife. An interesting creative choice for our videographers and cinematographers, they had chosen to blend this scene with the very same vow exchange which would happen a day later. Well, we’ll leave our highlight reel to tell you all about it.

Come second day and our videographers and cinematographers had begun early in capturing the flipside of the coin; of Kingston & Russanthy’s impeccable inter-faith wedding experience. This time, the wedding ceremony was held at Scarborough’s St. Rose of Lima Catholic Parish. A magical moment, of a vividly emotional walk down the aisle for Russanthy as Kingston looks on from the altar, was creatively segued by our videographers and blended with a scene of the Tamil wedding ceremony and celebration from the previous day – of Kingston & Russanthy’s energetic entrances to a cheering crowd of their closest family and friends, all sharing in the abundant happiness in the air. Indeed, the use of two perspectives of two different ceremonies on two different days, all to unite two people to become one – a consummate union creating something truly beautiful, that’s what made Kingston & Russanthy’s wedding so beautifully heartfelt that you can’t help but get emotional!

And with an evening of celebration held at the Markham Convention Centre to complete two long days, nothing could be more perfect for Kingston & Russanthy. A beautiful scene to end the evening on, and one we featured in the highlight reel, was of the happily newlywed husband and wife sharing a sentimental slow dance. With a ballroom floor engulfed in a screen of smoke, Kingston & Russanthy looked as though they were dancing on a cloud! And indeed, at that moment, the newlywed couple were truly on ‘Cloud Nine.’ And in the same romantic vein, for our highlight reel, we began with the couple in traditional Tamil wedding attire at Milliken Park, and ended with their first look. Giving both the highlight reel and the two-day wedding a sense of completion and giving the experience a fantastical and magical quality. Nothing short of something magical for such a perfect couple! In the end, we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group, wish Kingston & Russanthy all the very best in their lives together. We hope that they continue to enrich and enliven one other with their complementing cultural and religious traditions, and hope that their lives from now on could serve as a little piece of heaven here on earth.

Here is the Next Day Edit we made just for the Tamil Wedding Day

Wedding ceremony, first day: Canada Sri Ayyappan Hindu Temple | 635 Middlefield Road
Wedding ceremony, second day: St. Rose of Lima Parish | 3216 Lawrence Avenue E.
Wedding reception: Markham Convention Centre | 30 Ironside Crescent