Here is the surprise wedding proposal that we filmed for Jory & Lauren at the Toronto Rogers Building.

Planning the perfect surprise is undoubtedly a tumultuous task, but also reveals many surprises in-and-of itself. Setting the stage perfectly, the timing, the performance, the build-up, all for the penultimate moment of waiting for the perfect reaction, and the unbelievable joy once it all becomes reality. Thus, a surprise marriage proposal video is one of the most creative and exciting events to film for us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo booth rental company. And as such, we were absolutely pleased to have been part of Jory & Lauren’s surprise marriage proposal earlier this month just this September 7th, 2017 at Toronto’s illustrious Rogers Building just north of Downtown Toronto. Jory, a manager at Rogers Communications, had cleverly pulled some strings with management to help him set up his marriage proposal. Holding a mock-up of the 2017 Rogers Business Impact Awards, Jory had planned with his colleagues to set him up as the ‘winner’ of one of five Rogers Business Impact Awards. With lights dimmed and our videographers and cinematographers’ cameras rolling, all that was left was the performance, and what a performance it was! Complete with a perfectly designed presentation, and a list of Jory’s accolades, Jory gladly accepted his ‘award’, though truth-be-told, the real winning ceremony hadn’t even begun. Surrounded by colleagues, family and friends, a cheering crowd greeted Jory to the podium, where his award acceptance speech took a surprising turn; to the perfect marriage and wedding proposal to his most beloved Lauren in the most unexpected of situations. You’ll have to see the amazing turn of events unfold for yourself, just as our videographers and cinematographers so happily did, as words can’t completely capture just how perfect the set-up and execution had been for Jory & Lauren’s marriage proposal. With the perfectly arranged presentation transitioning into a slide-show of Jory & Lauren’s most treasured moments together, one couldn’t help but realize just how magical this moment had been for the now-engaged couple. From pictures from a trip to San Francisco, trips overseas, and their oldest snapshots of their younger days together, not a moment was missed by our videographers and cinematographers. And with Lauren walking down the stairway welling up with tears, the jig was finally up. In an absolutely perfect memory captured in film, Jory bent on one knee to ask the ultimate question, to be greeted by Lauren with the ultimate answer: yes! Capturing the precise moment Jory’s engagement ring fit Lauren’s finger was a very special touch to the video; an essential addition by our keen-eyed videographers and cinematographers. Now met with roaring applause from their closest family and friends, Jory & Lauren were finally engaged to be married. And with a surprise set-up going so smoothly, and the couple’s warm embrace telling us all we needed to know about the two, the answer to Jory’s ultimate question wasn’t a surprise at all. A resounding yes, a tender embrace and an overflowing atmosphere of happiness in the dimly-lit auditorium, altogether creating the perfect engagement highlight reel for Jory & Lauren. So from us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group, we wish Jory & Lauren the very best till their picture-perfect wedding day arrives; and sure enough, it’ll be no surprise that we’ll play our parts in filming their special day very soon!