A wedding, as many would agree, is truly the start of an adventure to last a lifetime. With its ups and downs, its joys and sorrows, an adventure can always be traced back to whence it began. So for us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth group, the importance of documenting and storing the first chapter of a couple’s never-ending tale is paramount to our work. One particularly beautiful tale whose first pages have only just been written is that of Karina & Daniel, a couple of young entrepreneurs whose wedding at the prime of their lives begins a monumental journey which has only just begun: In a wedding set just this past November 15th, 2014 at the historical St. Paul’s Basilica at the heart of Toronto’s corktown neighbourhood, and a genuinely unforgettable celebration which took place at The Royalton Hotel in Woodbridge. For our videographers and cinematographers, Karina & Daniel’s wedding was quite special. Apart from a very special couple on their special day, it was a delight for us in filming again at one of Toronto’s oldest and most historical churches. Through it all, working on Karina & Daniel’s wedding day left a lasting impression for our videographers and cinematographers. A benchmark for how the paradigms of style, sophistication and tradition can be intertwined beautifully in a truly beautiful setting on an unforgettable occasion. Scroll further to learn more about Karina & Daniel, a highlight of their special day, and a preview of our videographers’ and cinematographers’ favourite scenes from such a magnanimous celebration.

Being a pair of entrepreneurs through-and-through, Karina being a real-estate agent and Daniel an accountant with his own firm (and impressively enough, a feature article on notable.ca), made not one shortcut in ensuring that their wedding day would be as unforgettable a memory as it could ever be. So for our videographers and cinematographers, being put up to the task was also no small venture to say the least. To begin, the morning’s bride and groom readings were in this case unconventional: Karina & Daniel had chosen not an exchange of letters, but a direct exchange of words in wedding-day merriment. In our highlight reel, you’ll hear this heavily emotional exchange of the truest sentiments one can ever hope to manifest. To juxtapose it all, our videographers and cinematographers had chosen to contrast this dialogue with Karina’s morning reveal, a charming scene and one of our own favourites from the day.

One defining aspect of Karina & Daniel’s wedding, among many, was their choice of a historical setting for their wedding ceremony. St. Paul’s Basilica Parish, the oldest Roman Catholic congregation in Toronto, truly lives up to its history; with an absolutely breathtaking interior that our videographers and cinematographers couldn’t help but fawn over. But as pictures say a thousand words, and having barely scratched that number, let’s let our highlight reel tell it all. Indeed, with a special string quartet, a magnificent altar, and an extravagant walk back down the aisle, Karina & Daniel had truly hit the mark on their own moment-of-truth, finally happily wed to an adoring crowd of family and friends. “A stunning couple”, as one bridesmaid would put it.

And for such a stunning couple, pushing the boundary was next on the plate – with their wedding day under-way, an unforgettable reception and celebration was just ahead. Another first for our videographers and cinematographers, Karina & Daniel had chosen both the King Edward Hotel in Toronto for a momentary scenic picture taking spot, and a trek afterwards to Woodbridge for an evening’s worth of celebration at The Royalton Hotel. In our highlight reel, you can catch many of our videographers’ and cinematographers’ favourites: from the cake-cutting, to the ever memorable first dance of the couple, to our absolute favourite: a very personal and candid shot of Karina & Daniel sneaking in an impromptu kiss during the reception, unbeknownst to the crowd. Through it all, our impression of Karina & Daniel’s special wedding day is made clear in the very last scene we feature; of the beloved newlyweds hoisted on high and carried by the crowd during the final hours of the evening. Reminding us that a wedding day is indeed an ‘uplifting’ experience, between the couple and their loved ones. So for us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth group, we wish Karina & Daniel many endless chapters more in their adventure together, and hope that in some small part, we’ve helped make their story ever more complete through our work.

Wedding ceremony: St. Paul’s Basilica Parish | 83 Power Street
Wedding reception: The Royalton Hospitality Inc | 8201 Weston Road
Wedding photos venue: The Omni King Edward Hotel | 37 King Street East