Photo Booth Rental Service Company

SDE Weddings® provides photo booth rentals in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, an anniversary, an awards ceremony, or any of life’s many milestones, it will always be your closest loved ones that will be there for you as you live through your many cherished memories with our photo booth service. That’s why a simple photo booth setup can go a long way in adding to the atmosphere of fun, laughter, joy and excitement, as you celebrate any of life’s wondrous occasions with friends and family. With a photo booth, you and your loved ones can take along a treasure of times spent together, and can always relive your fondest memories wherever you may go. Let us at SDE Weddings®, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo booth group, help you make your event an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Bring us a moment’s smile, and we’ll help you carry it a lifetime more.

Your Photo Booth Experience Matters

A memento of life’s most precious memories are things to be treasured. A time capsule of joyous occasions shared with friends and family. To bring these memories to life, to capture them in full, and to share these treasured tokens between loved ones throughout the years; these are the reasons which motivate us to provide photo booth experiences for countless events throughout the years, and for many more years to come. A photo booth at a wedding, or any social event, is a simple and novel addition that more than makes up for its simplicity by brings countless smiles and unforgettable memories. That is why we here at SDE Weddings® truly love providing a photo booth experience, and why your photo booth experience matters to us.


We have completed over countless photo booth events in the past 7 years.


We provide unlimited printing services for your event. Print as many copies as your heart desires; share your smiles with the world!


Our expert graphics designer will craft your very own specially made custom print-out graphic for your event’s photo booth setup.


Our photo booth is provided for you by a friendly and professional attendant who’s there to assist you all throughout your event.


Access and share your photo booth memories from anywhere and anytime with your very own online private photo booth gallery.


Our photo booth service provides a complimentary guestbook for your event, which gives your guests the chance to “sign-in” and share in the memories.


Get creative and show your wild side with the many photo booth props we provide for you and your guests to enjoy and use for your snapshots.


Our photo booth service provides a wide array of photo booth backdrops of varying colours and creative designs for you to choose from.

Custom Design For Your Photo Booth Printout

All of our photo booth rental packages feature full customization of your photo booth printout design, giving you free creative license to create and fashion your photos to perfection! With complimentary photo booth graphic customization, we provide you with over 125 different templates to choose from for starters, and many more customizations: from your choice of colour palette to customized printout borders, to added printout text (in customizable size/font/colour) to image placement/layout and more. Below are just some example designs of our previous printouts from past photo booth events. Please visit our photo booth design gallery to see all of our 125+ design examples.

Single Photos | See More Examples
1 Plus 3 | See More Examples
single photo designphoto design1 plus 3 design1 plus 3 design
single photo designsingle photo design1 plus 3 design1 plus 3 design
4 Photos | See More Examples
1 Plus 2 | See More Examples
four photo designfour photo design1 plus 2 design1 plus 2 design
four photo designfour photo design1 plus 2 design1 plus 2 design
1 + 2 Ver. 2 | See More Examples
2 Pictures | See More Examples
1 plus 2 v 2 photo design1 plus 2 v 2 photo design1 plus 3 design1 plus 3 design
Film Strips | See More Examples
Other Layouts | See More Examples
film strip design designfilm strip design designfilm strip design designfilm strip design designother layout designsother layout designsother layout designs

Pick Your Photo Booth Backdrop

Get artistic and showcase your unique taste with your very own choice of photo booth backdrops. Featured below is our selection of photo booth backdrops which we’ve collected over the years and have been a mainstay for our photo booth aficionados throughout the many events we’ve worked on. Also, keep an eye out for more unique designs, as we’re always updating our collection and expanding our inventory of backdrop selections to suit any and all tastes.

backdrop options gray pattern
Vintage Gray
backdrop options green pattern
Vintage Green
backdrop options white pattern
Vintage White
backdrop option blue backdrop
Vintage Blue
backdrop options black modern vintage backdrop
Vintage Black
backdrop options majestic backdrop
Vintage Brown
backdrop options gold chevron
Plain Gray
backdrop options red ornate
Red Ornate
backdrop options gold sequin
Gold Sequin
backdrop options silver sequin
Silver Sequin
backdrop options pink sequin
Pink Sequin
backdrop options wooden wall
Wooden Wall
backdrop options gold chevron
Gold Chevron
backdrop options Grand Sienna
Grand Sienna
backdrop options brown groove
Brown Groove
backdrop options chill black pattern
Chill Black
toronto photo booth backdrop options Black Evanescent
Black Evanescent
backdrop options Brown Swank Pattern
Brown Swank
backdrop options Pink Foxy Circle Pattern
Pink Circle
backdrop options diva purple pattern
Diva Purple
backdrop options blue echo circle pattern
Blue Echo
backdrop options Peaches Cream
Peaches Cream
backdrop options Lipstick Kisses
Lipstick Kisses

Toronto Photo Booth Rental Packages


What printer do you use to print the photos?

For our photo booth stations, we use the DNP DS-RX1HS Dye Sublimation Printer.

How much space does your photo booth station need?

Ideally, we need about 10 feet by 10 feet of space for our photo booth station. At minimum, we need about 6 feet by 5 feet of space for our setup. 

How long does it take to tear down your photo booth station?

It normally takes about 30 minutes for our photo booth attendant to pack up at the end of the night. 

How long does it take to setup your photo booth?

It takes about 45 minutes to setup our photo booth station.

Are the photos printed right away?

Yes, all of our photo booth photos are printed on site right away. It takes about 10 to 15 seconds to print each photo.

When do we get the online gallery?

We normally deliver the online digital gallery from our photo booth station the Tuesday or Wednesday the week after your wedding/event. 

Do you need a power plug to operate your photo booth station?

Yes, we require access to power at your venue to operate our photo booth station. We bring a power extension cord to each event/wedding for our photo booth station.

What kind of lighting do you use for your station?

We use a continuous video LED light to light up each photos from our photo booth rental station.

Does your photo booth come with a backdrop?

Yes, you can select a backdrop from our available selection for your wedding/event.

How long have you been running your photo booth rental service?

We have been running our photo booth rental service since 2013. We started offering wedding videography service since 2011. 

Can you print your photos in black & white?

Yes, we can print our photo booth photos in black & white. We can also provide you with a white backdrop.

What size are your printouts?

Our photo booth printouts are either 2" x 6" or 4" x 6" in size. You can decide what size and layout you want. Our photo booth rental price is the same regardless of the printout layout and size.

Do I need to decide on the operational hours when we book your photo booth?

We are pretty flexible, you can tell us the exact operational hours for our photo booth closer to the date of your wedding/event. Normally for weddings, we recommend 3 hours of operation from 8:30pm to 11:30pm for our photo booth station.

Do you offer any discounts on your photo booth rentals?

Due to inflation, we do not offer any discounts.

How much is the deposit for the photo booth?

To secure our service, we require a $250+HST non-refundable deposit retainer fee.

When is the final balance due?

The final balance for our photo booth rental station is due 1 week prior to your wedding/event date.

How much are your idle hour rates?

Our photo booth idle rates are $35 per hour.

When do you come to setup your photo booth station?

We normally arrive 2 hour prior to our start time to setup our photo booth rental station.

Do you need a table to setup your photo booth station?

No, we do not require a table to setup our photo booth station.

Do you bring pens for the guest book?

Yes, we bring pens and color markers for the guest book for our photo booth rental station. 

What kind of camera do you use to take photos?

We use a professional Canon full frame DSLR to take each photo at our photo booth station.

What Does Your Photo Booth Guest Book Look Like?

Here is what our photo booth guest book look like. There is a memo space for your guests to sign and leave a message next to each photo. Each photo booth guest album can hold up to 200 photos.

Photo Booth Rental Complementary Guest Book

Photo Booth Rental Complementary Guest Book

SDE Weddings Photo Booth RentalThey were easy to consult with in regards to what we wanted customized for the pictures and made desirable adjustments to our satisfaction. They were experienced and easy to work with at the event. Very accommodating to our requirements. The event was very busy and very very popular that it was one of our highlight activities at our annual holiday party. It proved to be very popular! We would recommend SDE Weddings as they did an EXCELLENT job! The pictures turned out great and many people were happy with the results!“— William Choi5.0