For us here at SDE Weddings®, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group, a beautiful wedding day captured in film is worth every bit of effort and artistry taken to create a lasting and memorable masterpiece. For our videographers and cinematographers, it is the loving smile shared between husband and wife that makes for perfect memories, a timeless treasure to share with family and friends, and a timepiece to commemorate one of life’s most beautiful moments. And this and many more beautiful moments is what our videographers and cinematographers had aimed to perfectly capture and convey on film during one of our most splendid weddings to date, working with Setareh & Poria, a young Persian couple, on their wonderful summer wedding day just last year under a spotless sky on July 30th, 2016 in an impeccable celebration taking place in Toronto’s very own Centre Island, with a lovely reception held at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club. One of the handful of times our videographers and cinematographers had filmed at Centre Island, and an absolute pleasure working at the historical Royal Canadian Yacht Club, combined with a gorgeously blue summer sky and the ebb and flow of Toronto’s famous harbourfront, Setareh & Poria’s wedding day was an altogether captivating experience from beginning to end. So join us as we revisit the many splendid wedding day scenes our videographers and cinematographers had filmed for Setareh & Poria’s unforgettable wedding day, and witness just how beautiful a summer day can be for a couple in love.

Here is the wedding highlight video that we made for Poria & Setareh’s Persian wedding at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club.

Our videographers and cinematographers’ work with Setareh & Poria began bright and early on a pristine summer morning, on the couple’s destined day of July 30th, 2016. Catching up with the bride and groom from our initial meeting to the beginning of their big day, our crew had followed both Setareh & Poria as they prepared for the lifelong journey ahead as husband and wife. Some of our favorite scenes chosen by our videographers and cinematographers from the momentous morning’s preparations include a cursory showcase of Setareh’s soft and silken wedding dress and a peek into her morning’s preparations – wedding dress, shoefitting and all!, and Poria pouring several shotglasses for his groomsmen as they collectively toast to the momentous occasion at Poria’s humble downtown Toronto residence. For the couple’s first-look and reveal, Setareh & Poria had chosen a truly romantic location, just by the harbourfront on Centre Island overlooking Toronto’s glittering skyline on a shimmering summer day. In a sentimental moment (with special appearance by a floating goose!), Setareh & Poria shared a special minute underneath the branching willow’s swaying shade; truly one of the most heartwarming moments of the day captured by our videographers and cinematographers! And to transition, Setareh & Poria began the slow walk to the historic Royal Canadian Yacht Club to begin their long-awaited wedding day ceremony.

Choosing an outdoor ceremony just by the yacht club’s premises, and underneath the very same willows which dot Centre Island’s harbourfront, Setareh & Poria had hosted a truly impeccable outdoor wedding ceremony, and one of our videographers and cinematographers’ most favoured outdoor ceremonies to date. Welcomed by a specially selected congregation of Setareh & Poria’s closest friends and family, the two were brought down the grass aisle adorned with white petals by both parents and ushered into a shared life in full applause by their loved ones, in full Persian fashion. In our highlight reel, we had featured several sentimental scenes from the ceremony to the backdrop of the couple’s shared vows. And with a wedding ceremony complete, the smiling pair of Setareh & Poria are finally pronounced husband and wife. Sharing a kiss and with continued applause from the crowd, our videographers and cinematographers made sure to feature every post-vow greeting from family and friends, special Persian ceremonies to commemorate Setareh & Poria’s shared Persian heritage, and a gradual transition to the evening’s celebrations to come.

For the newlywed’s after-ceremony evening celebrations, Setareh & Poria had chosen the gorgeous and historic Royal Canadian Yacht Club. Never hesitant to pass-off a perfect opportunity, our videographers and cinematographers had chosen to film an impeccable fly-over drone scene of a breathtaking view over Toronto’s Centre Island, and the yacht club’s pristine premises underneath the perfect summer sunset. And with Toronto’s shimmering skyline slowly dimming down for the evening, and the sky as spotless as ever, Setareh & Poria hosted a beautiful outdoor reception to begin the evening’s celebrations. With a bit of hob-knobbing and wine-tasting, the wedding celebrants soon made their way indoors for a night-time of song and dance, an intimate Persian cultural celebration, and a true commemoration. One of the best scenes from the evening would be Setareh & Poria’s grand entrance to their reception hall. Greeted by a wailing crowd with full smiles and wedding day napkins swirling in the air, a Persian tradition, Setareh & Poria greeted their guests with a dance, and invited everyone to join in – young and old alike! And as the night grew long, with cake-cutting and beautiful dances shared with their parents on their very own wedding day, and with many more snapshots taken with their celebrants, Setareh & Poria’s summer season wedding ended splendidly, with many perfect memories captured in film and a new vow brought to life in the heart of two people.

So with that, we here at SDE Weddings®, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography, and photo-booth group, wish Setareh & Poria all the very best in their lives and future together. We were very glad to have played a part in filming, producing, editing and documenting Setareh & Poria’s truly beautiful wedding day, and are very much humbled that they chose us for such an important role to play on their very own wedding day. We hope that our work with Setareh & Poria on their absolutely perfect wedding day continues to inspire and uplift the couple as the years go by, and we wish them many more spotless summer skies in the future.

Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Ceremony: Centre Island | Centre Island, Toronto |
Wedding Reception Venue: The Royal Canadian Yacht Club | 2 Chippewa Ave, Toronto