For many of us, a wedding is a time of joy and laughter, of smiles and happiness. In this sense, a wedding festival spanning three days is a perfect fit for all the precious moments and heartfelt memories of the bride and groom during the happiest times of their lives. Such was the wedding celebration of Danish and Kiran, a young Pakistani wedding couple whose lives together have only just begun, but who are so familiar together that you’d say they were a match made in heaven. Danish & Kiran picked us, SDE Weddings to film and videograph their weekend wedding that feast took place June 28 to 30, 2013 in Mississauga, at the Sahara banquet hall and Payal banquet hall. The spirited duo were so sure of their commitments to each other that they needed no rehearsals for the ceremonies, and thus the wedding proper felt akin to a surreal and organic experience, where emotions truly came from the heart, and made for many wonderful scenes for our Toronto wedding videographers & cinematographers capture on film.

The first day began with a ‘mehndi’ ceremony, an ancient vedic ritual of figurative ‘tattoos’ made of tumeric and various pigments. The bride and groom came to the banquet hall together and had their hands and feet covered in intricate patterns and elaborate designs performed by a professional artist, to the wonder of friends and family present. Normally performed the night before the wedding reception takes place, our Toronto wedding videographer crew was present to document and film all the moments of laughter and excitement the couple shared on the eve before their wedding day.

On the second day, all the particular formalities of a traditional Islamic wedding was in schedule. The “Nikkah” ceremony in Islam is the liturgical religious rite of a wedding, where groom accepts bride, and indeed, families accept each other with open arms. Danish’s family arrived from Ottawa to Toronto indeed to welcome the union between the two families in a holy and solemn celebration. The couple signed their wedding certificates, arbitrated by Danish’s brother, who conducted the formal ceremonies. Danish presented his bride a beautiful jade green wedding ring, and the two were happily united by the end of the day, to the congratulatory cheers of family and friends.

The third and final day fell at the end of the week, Sunday, and was a surprise to be seen even for the beloved couple themselves. The final festivities were organized by the couples’ friends, entirely in secret to the newlyweds. The newlyweds alone, not exactly the traditionalist type, arrived in a fanciful display of dance, which was not par for course, but being the free-spirited types that they are, they went ahead and danced away. Little did the two know just exactly how much dancing there would be. A specially choreographed traditional dance sequence was performed for the couple by their friends to ring in the nights’ celebration, as a bountiful wedding feast awaited the celebrants in the hall. The banquet arena was decorated in strands of light blue and white, and all in attendance were dressed fancily in earthen Islamic tones that resonated a South Asian cultural palette. As the night grew long, in plentiful song and dance, a picture of the couple on a vacation trip to Pakistan stood on the reception table, taken by one of the uncles, who oddly enough, is a famous Pakistani wedding photographer himself. Indeed, the picture was in a way representative of Danish and Kiran’s love of life, of liberty and youthful indulgence, captured in a memory of photographic form. We hope too that our work for Danish and Kiran was enough to contain and convey the libertine spirit that filled the weekend air during the dearest couples’ wedding festivities. We were very delighted to be part of Danish & Kiran’s three day wedding celebration, we made sure videograph all the precious details and memorable moments. Please enjoy their wedding highlight video that we embedded in this post.

Date: June 28th – 30th, 2013
Ceremony Venue: Sahara Banquet Hall | 35 Brunel Road, Mississauga
Reception Venue: Payal Banquet Hall
DJ: Ahmad Malik
Wedding Coordinator/Planer: A2Z Event Planners
Photographer: Jason Shum |