Life always seems to be full of surprises. In all its mysterious ways and all its ups and downs, somehow there is always something beautiful to be found among life’s many moments. That’s why we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography group, are never at a loss for these beautiful and surprising memories through our experiences with the couples that we film for. One such couple was Jessy & Max, whose unforgettable wedding day we helped film on July 20th, 2014 at Toronto’s St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church, a visit to Yorkville’s prestigious Panorama Lounge Restaurant, and a resplendent reception set at Vaughan’s gorgeous Hazelton Manor. Jessy & Max were an Orthodox Christian couple, though to put a pun into play, the energy and liveliness of their wedding day made the experience for our videographers and cinematographers an ‘unorthodox’ one to say the least. Scroll further to learn more about Jessy & Max, and all the surprises waiting ahead for them on their wedding day.

toronto lebanese wedding jessy makarious hazelton manor toronto lebanese wedding jessy makarious hazelton manor

All photos are provided by Jason Shum |

Our morning began with a bustling scene in a Brampton suburb, at Jessy’s house as the bride-to-be fashions up and puts on the finishing touches for the fateful day ahead. A surprise gift and much more was in store for Jessy, as she opens up a present from her beloved Max on the morning of her wedding day. A jewellery box and a lovely pair of stiletto high-heels in a milk-beige motif which matched the bridesmaids’ choice of colours, a perfect pair for Jessy judging from her receptive reaction. Our videographers had chosen to capture this surprise-scene for the highlight reel, and complemented it with the morning’s footage of the bridesmaids’ own first look at the beloved bride Jessy in complete wedding wardrobe, ready for the day ahead of her. Next stop for our videographers and cinematographers was the Panorama Lounge Restaurant at the ritzy Yorkville District of downtown Toronto, for an appropriately-located ‘panorama’ first look between Jessy & Max in a cosmopolitan scene overlooking Toronto’s downtown skyscape. Funnily enough, Panorama Lounge is said to have been voted as Toronto’s “best romantic restaurant”, which made it a perfect choice for Jessy & Max for their wedding day! After a brief interlude at Toronto’s famous Distillery District for a few more sentimental shots and pertinent picture-taking, the entourage soon proceeded gracefully to the ceremony ahead.

Not the first time our videographers and cinematographers had filmed for an Orthodox & Coptic Christian congregation, we had nothing but superlatives to say about the ceremony. Jessy & Max, a rather popular couple in all respects, had a massive lineup of both bridesmaids & groomsmen precede them as they made their entrance down the aisle of St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church. In a heartfelt and moving scene captured by our videographers, we see both Jessy & Max tearing up as they met one another at the final few steps at the altar before a fruitful future ahead. One very interesting cultural and religious facet that our videographers and cinematographers appreciate, and one that the couple highly emphasized, was that of the traditional bride & groom ceremonial capes and the donning of both with crowns. Appropriately ‘regal’ regalia for Jessy & Max, whose princely presence at the wedding altar made for a perfect shot for our videographers and cinematographers to capture. Once Jessy & Max were finally wed in a fantastical marriage ceremony fit for a monarch, the newlyweds were set and ready for the royal reception that followed.
toronto lebanese wedding jessy makarious hazelton manor

toronto lebanese wedding jessy makarious hazelton manor

A centre stage surrounded by carnations and candles was what awaited Jessy & Max at the Hazelton Manor in Vaughan, as the newlyweds and their wide-eyed wedding guests made their trek half the city away for an exclusive gala gathering to celebrate Jessy & Max’s monumental wedding. As a final surprise from her beloved husband Max, Jessy was shocked to find that the dance-floor décor was specially made for their event, inscribed with their names writ large across the centre of their reception hall. Max wasn’t the only one who was taken in by surprise, as Jessy had a special gift of her own to add to the evening, a wedding cake made in the theme of the FIFA cup, of which Max was a big fan of. All in all, from the heartfelt warm wishes to the touching parents’ dance, to the last few hours of unhinged happiness spent in song and dance, Jessy & Max’s wedding was at utmost delight to experience for our videographers and cinematographers. We wish the two newlyweds many more happy memories in the future, and hope that life continues to bring them unexpected blessings and surprises ahead.

toronto lebanese wedding jessy makarious hazelton manor

Vendor & Venue Info:
Wedding Ceremony: St. Marks Orthodox Church | 41 Glendinning Avenue Toronto ON M1W3E2
Wedding Reception Venue: Hazelton Manor | 99 Peelar Rd, Vaughan ON
Wedding Photographer: Little Free Lenser | Jason Shum
Wedding DJ: DJ Fady & Sam
Make-up: Nasrin Hairstyling | 200 Marycroft Ave #4 Woodbridge ON L4L 5X9
Wedding Dress: ‘Enzoani’ from ‘Mona Richie Boutique’ & ‘Tuxedo Royale’
Wedding Decor: Jcompany Designs
Flowers: Leonard’s Design Systems
Wedding Cake: Just Temptations