Who says you can’t be friends first and lovers later? Relationships are built upon bonding overtime and developing solid foundations that will stand the test of time. We here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography, and photobooth company believe that strong foundations and bonding is the key that unites couples together. Such is the case for Anita & Amit. On this beautiful spring day on May 31st, 2015, Amit, a lawyer from New York and Anita a film producer from the greater Toronto area tied the knot at Toronto’s esteemed Westin Harbour Castle. The couple’s story began in high school where they first met and soon became friends. Overtime they bonded and developed a deep desire for each other, which cultivated in Amit popping the question after dating for 2 years. Our Toronto wedding videographer and cinematographer were overjoyed to help share in every heartfelt moment on this unforgettable day for the couple. The fire and passion that has kept them together all these years still burns strong.

The day began at the Westin Harbour Castle, as our videographer and cinematographer got straight to work in the morning filming the bride and groom as they both made preparations for their big Hindu Wedding day. The bride had come prepared with a beautiful traditional Indian red silk sari embroidered with glimmering specks of gold covering a solid purple choli blouse. On the groom’s side of the camp, our expert crew provided an up close and personal shot of the magnificent beige kurta, along with its pearl threaded turban and the traditional red sash decorated with streaks of gold that was soon to be worn by the groom.

Our Toronto videographer and cinematographer were truly delighted to be able to capture the magical moment when the bride descended down the stairs towards her husband who anxiously awaited for his bride’s arrival. As she gently tapped his shoulder and he slowly turned around, we felt an instant aura of passion between the two who quickly embraced and shared a romantic kiss.

Next on the agenda was a visit to the famous distillery district. This timeless location has been used by couples all throughout the years to capture that special moment against the backdrop of Victorian-era buildings and cobblestone streets. It was the ideal location to snap some amazing shots of the couple on their wedding day to cherish for a lifetime.

As the couple made their trek back towards the banquet hall, we got a glimpse of the beautiful white décor situated alongside multi-coloured drapes overhanging the windows and tall glasses lit with candles set up in unison awaiting the couple in the banquet hall where the wedding ceremony was to take place. On centre stage was a blue and white wedding mandap along with a set of white chairs to host the couple. It was quite the sophisticated yet elegant setup that was perfect for these star crossed lovers, which our videographer and cinematographer captured masterfully on film.

The crowd was as lively as ever during the traditional “Baraat”, whereby the groom side partakes in dancing while making their way towards the banquet hall for the ceremony. As the wedding ceremony commenced, Amit waited patiently alongside his parents as his bride to be was led down the aisle towards their new beginning together. It was a very emotional moment for both Amit and Anita as the couple exchanged wedding rings and were shortly pronounced husband and wife.

After the traditional ceremonial cake cutting was completed during the reception, the maid of honour along with the best man gave speeches of joy from the bottom of their hearts wishing their friends happiness and joy. Our photobooth was setup and ready to go to keep guests entertained all throughout the night during the wedding reception.

The banquet hall was filled with fun and laughter as the night progressed and our videographer and cinematographer were grateful to have been included in such a wonderful wedding that showcased a couples love and respect for their traditional Hindu roots. We here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography, and photobooth company were delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Amit & Anita and wish them a wonderful journey in their new life together.

Here are some of our photo booth photos from the wedding.

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Wedding Ceremony & Reception Venue: Westin Harbour Castle | 1 Harbour Square, Toronto M5J 1A6
Wedding Photo location: Distillery District
Photography: Banga Studios Photography | Gurminder Banga & Manny
Hair & Makeup: Samantha Vidal
DJ: Empire Entertainment