Do you wanna build a snowman? It doesn’t have to be a snowman. It could be…a wedding! That’s right, we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo booth group, kept ourselves toasty this winter by filming a fantastically ‘frosty’ film for Voula & Jessie, a Greek couple who held their winter wedding just this past January 24th, 2015 at the St. Panteleimon Greek Orthodox Church with an evening’s reception at among one of our favorite venues to work at, “The Manor” byPeterandPauls, offering plenty of beautiful winter-wedding shots on the massive frozen river facing their outdoor facilities. As expected, our videographers and cinematographers had a wonderful time working with the couple, and captured many magical moments from their day, making a matrimonial medley in a Same-Day-Edit featured at their evening’s reception. A chilly change of pace for our warm-blooded videographers and cinematographers, winter weddings are fairly rare for us to film. So it was a delight for us to have such a fun experience in filming for the beloved couple on a cozy January weekend. Scroll further to learn more about Voula & Jessie on their wondrous winter wedding day and view the Same-Day-Edit highlight reel we crafted specially for them, guaranteed give you the shivers!

One of the few truly wonderful parts of a wedding that our videographers and cinematographers love the most to film are the deeply emotional moments of the bride and groom’s truest emotions caught on camera. So it was particularly splendid for our videographers and cinematographers when they filmed the morning’s preparations, as Voula read out the lovely letter written to her by her husband-to-be. The reading is featured lovingly in the highlight reel and same-day-edit featured with this post, and in it you can enjoy Jessie’s quite creative quips specially written for his beautiful bride.

Voula & Jessie’s wonderful Greek wedding ceremony was held at the gorgeous St. Panteleimon Greek Orthodox Church in Markham, just north of our familiar Toronto setting. What we’ve noticed as a running theme with the Greek Orthodox & Coptic weddings we’ve filmed is just how beautiful the church interiors are, and we made it a point to ‘wholly’ capture the holy atmosphere in all its lovely and vibrant colours. For our videographers and cinematographers, a favorite shot was a slow walk down the aisle in the empty church pre-Ceremony, which previews the church’s magnificent front altar and gives an almost first-person-perspective of how the bride and groom views the walk themselves. Another shot that stood out by our videographers and cinematographers was capturing Jessie’s watery-eyed expression as he watches his bride walk down the aisle towards him, and towards their future together. Truly a brilliant moment encapsulated in a few seconds of film, yet enough to define a lifetime.

What was the most unique experience for our videographers and cinematographers in filming for Voula & Jessie was, as you might have guessed, the outdoor scenes post-ceremony. Having the couple hold their wedding reception and celebration at The Manor, one of our most favored wedding settings, was quite a treat, and even more so during wintertime! Voula in a stunning winter wedding gown with her newlywed-husband Jessie walking through the snowy fields, with the couple cozying into a lone gazebo amidst a quiet winter field made for a beautiful scene to film. For those with sharp eyes, a split second glimpse of the couple exchanging a whisper of words between each other in their moment of solitude truly completes the scene in its entirety.

Having so many wonderful shots from the day, our videographers and cinematographers quickly and skilfully crafted a specially made Same-Day-Edit from among these scenes, and was played at the evening’s banquet to wide-eyed applause from the crowd. All in all, Voula & Jessie’s wedding was truly a unique experience to film for our videographers and cinematographers, yet even in the frigid cold of winter, it’s humbling to know that love may still bloom. We here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth group, wish Voula & Jessie a future of happiness and prosperity together, and hope that our work with them may warm their hearts even in the coldest of their wedding anniversaries!

Wedding Ceremony: St. Panteleimon Greek Orthodox Church
Wedding Reception: The Manor | 16750 Weston Road
Photography: Stacey Barry | Azure Blue Photography and Cinema
DJ Services: Christian Allard | Magic Moments
Bridal Dress: Pronovias Dress
Groom Suit: Moore’s BLACK by Vera Wang
Wedding Decor: Rias Designs
Wedding Cake: Cakeity Cakes
Limo Services: Tiffany Limousine