The coming of the autumn season signals both the gradual end of the year and a premonition of new beginnings on the horizon. With changing leaves comes changing lives; and for us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group, no change is more monumental than that of an ever-eager couple’s wedding day. So for Kimberly & Philip, a couple hailing from Scarborough, a choice of fall for their wedding day season would play perfectly to the tune of change, of “turning a new leaf” and the blossoming of something beautiful to come. Thus, on a beautiful autumn day on September 30th, 2016, our videographers and cinematographers joined Kimberly & Philip as they embarked on the first step of what is hopefully a long journey to come. In a beautiful ceremony held at St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church in Scarborough, a photo session at the ever-gorgeous Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens, and a night of celebration at Toronto’s Parkview Manor Banquet Hall. A vibrant pair, both hailing from Mediterranean roots; of Greece, Italy and Portugal, it’s no wonder that Kimberly & Philip’s wedding was as vibrant and lively as can be. And for our videographers and cinematographers, saving a piece of this vibrancy in film would become a truly unforgettable task; and made for truly unforgettable footage. So join us as we recall our wonderful time working with Kimberly & Philip, their gorgeous autumn wedding day, and a sneak-peek at several of our videographers’ and cinematographers’ favourite scenes from the day in the highlight reel below.

Here is the wedding highlight video for Kimberly & Philip’s Orthodox Greek wedding at Park View Manor

Our story with Kimberly & Philip begins on a beautiful and bright September day, at the precipice of the autumn season and the end of summer’s sojourn, when our videographers and cinematographers arrived to greet Kimberly & Philip in their respective camps to document their morning’s preparations for the big day ahead. Preferring their prep-sessions to play out a setting that’s home-sweet-home, we greeted the two in their respective homes in Scarborough; and with a hectic morning atmosphere in our midst, our videographers and cinematographers couldn’t wait to film all the magical memories of the day ahead. As you can see in the highlight reel featured, Kimberly & Philip have excellent eyes for accessories; as we spent minutes articulating in many details and design choices that went into the morning’s preparations. And with Kimberly & Philip looking splendid, sharp and as ready as ever, the wedding entourage along with our videographers and cinematographers made their way to their Scarborough staple, St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church, for the beloved bride and groom’s long-awaited moment.

Here is the same day edit wed made for Kimberly & Philip’s Orthodox Greek wedding, this video was played at the reception at Park View Manor on the wedding day

The second time visiting this beautiful Greek Orthodox Church for our videographers and cinematographers, its interior was as splendid a sight as ever to behold. Included in the highlight reel, we feature a beautiful cinematic shot of the church’s spacious interior illuminated by a massive chandelier, unique in Greek orthodox fashion and one of the most stunning centrepieces we’ve ever come across. As with most traditional Greek orthodox weddings we’ve filmed, it’s always a pleasure to be witness to such exquisite artwork and architecture that stays true to Coptic Christian tradition. And as for our own centrepiece for this work, the bride’s beautiful slow walk down the aisle served as a very special scene to highlight on our highlight reel. With Kimberly & Philip’s exchange of vows to complete their ceremony, a triumphant newlywed couple emerged through the lenses of our videographers and cinematographers as Kimberly & Philip made their way back down the aisle for the post-ceremony celebration ahead, and a long evening of excitement to follow.

After a handful of playful shots taken post-ceremony in Toronto’s ever-gorgeous Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens, the newlyweds and their guests made their trail to Toronto’s Parkview Manor Banquet Hall for a wonderful evening of commemoration and celebration. Another favorite shot for our videographers and cinematographers was of Kimberly & Philip’s grand entrance into the event hall, a beautifully arranged space that embodied a stunningly subdued white theme. An interesting editing choice made possible by the couple is of the transition between the church and the venue, featuring the same bouquet of lily white flowers that blended beautifully with the couple’s white wedding theme. And with the newlyweds’ first dance, the cake-cutting of a magnificently prepared wedding cake fitting the pure white theme, we are brought to a roaring toast to Kimberly & Philip by their closest family and friends, and a snippet of the newlywed couple’s speeches to draw a close for a truly perfect day. And so, we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group, truly wish Kimberly & Philip the very best in their new lives together, and hope that our work with them in their exquisitely auspicious autumn wedding day will be cherished for many seasons more.

Wedding Venue: Parkview Manor Banquet Hall | 55 Barber Greene Rd #1, North York
Photographer: Galvanize Studio
Wedding Ceremony: St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church | 1340 Warden Ave, Scarborough
Wedding Photos: Wedding photo location: Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens | 2901 Yonge St, Toronto