The glistening frostings of freshly melted snow, an atmosphere of serenity and a moment of seclusion wrapped within an opportune time, on a magical day in the midst of Canada’s famously frigid winter season. Such is how we felt here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group, when we worked on Lorrene & Darvy’s beautiful winter season wedding just this past December 29th, 2016 – only a few days shy of Christmas, during the serendipitous period between the Christmas season and New Year’s Eve. And for Lorrene & Darvy, their wedding day would be a truly magical memory in and of itself; with preparations and early celebrations taking place at the Delta Hotels in Scarborough, a very personal wedding ceremony at Scarborough’s St. Maria Goretti Parish, and finishing off fantastically in Toronto’s Fantasy Farm, a beautiful getaway location deep in the heartlands of Toronto’s famous Don Valley, and a perfect locale for some excellent scenes for our videographers and cinematographers to work with. We also had the opportunity to bring our photo booth to the reception to entertain Lorrene & Darvy’s guest.

Here is the wedding highlight video for Lorren & Darvy’s winter wedding at Fantasy Farm

Lorrene & Darvy, a young Filipino couple, both of whom are professional accountants sharing the same alma-mater, chose Toronto as the next destination in their shared lives as professionals as well as a settling ground to start a family. So this wedding day would undoubtedly serve as a monumental step in what has been a long-term process, culminating in two halves made whole and a beautiful life and future to look forward to. And what a time to choose for a wedding day! For our videographers and cinematographers, a winter wedding always stands out uniquely from all the work done throughout the year simply by its seasonality, and the unique scenes we’re able to capture. So it was doubly special for our videographers and cinematographers when Lorrene & Darvy’s wedding day was a particularly warm winter day, giving the atmosphere a unique feel between deep winter and early spring. So join us as we fondly recollect our work with Lorrene & Darvy on their truly unique winter-season wedding day.

Here is the same day edit for Lorren & Darvy’s winter wedding at Fantasy Farm

Morning preparations began for our videographers and cinematographers at Scarborough’s Delta Hotels, the ‘Delta Toronto East’, as we greeted both bride and groom to be as they busily prepare for the long day ahead. In both the highlight reel and same-day-edit we made for Lorrene & Darvy, our videographers and cinematographers chose some clever transitions between shots to juxtapose both bride and groom together as they prepared in different rooms. A cursory survey of Lorrene’s beautiful wedding gown and glimmering wedding day jewellery served to highlight the magnanimity of the occasion. And as we followed the couple during the morning’s happenings, our cameras caught the couple’s magical first look just outside the hotel’s balcony in a scene surrounded by snow – a wonderful winter wedding day scene.

Toronto Filipino Winter Wedding at Fantasy Farm Photobooth and Video 1Toronto Filipino Winter Wedding at Fantasy Farm Photobooth and Video 2Toronto Filipino Winter Wedding at Fantasy Farm Photobooth and Video 3
Toronto Filipino Winter Wedding at Fantasy Farm Photobooth and Video 4Toronto Filipino Winter Wedding at Fantasy Farm Photobooth and Video 5Toronto Filipino Winter Wedding at Fantasy Farm Photobooth and Video 6

Here are some of our photobooth photos from Lorren & Darvy’s winter wedding at Fantasy Farm

For the wedding ceremony, Lorrene & Darvy had chosen another local locale; Scarborough’s St. Maria Goretti Church, for what would be a humble, subdued and private gathering of the couple’s closest friends and family. In our highlight reel you can see a lovely panorama feature of the church’s interior as it slowly fills with the wedding day celebrants. Our videographers and cinematographers also chose to feature the couple’s vow exchange alongside the first kiss as they finally seal the deal – a perfect memory captured perfectly by our cameras! And from there, a jovial walk back down the aisle as husband and wife; Lorene & Darvy proceed from a humbling and private wedding ceremony to a lively and energetic wedding reception and celebration ahead.

A truly fantastic wedding day getaway nestled in the heart of Toronto’s Don Valley, Fantasy Farm would be Lorrene & Darvy’s final stop to complete the tour-du-jour of their wedding day. On Fantasy Farm’s ‘Cinderella’s Cottage’, Lorrene & Darvy took some time from their reception to take some private photos and video scenes to commemorate their wedding day. One particularly gorgeous scene, and a favorite of our videographers and cinematographers, was of the newlyweds sharing a kiss to the backdrop of a gorgeous sunset scene – a perfect wedding day moment featured in our highlight reel. And from a private and romantic moment, we quickly transition to a triumphant entrance of Lorrene & Darvy to their wedding hall reception and celebration. With a beautifully sentimental first dance, a heart-warming cake-cutting, and plenty of fun and celebration to mark a truly memorable occasion, Lorrene & Darvy’s wedding day played out for our cameras to the very final minutes in full energy and happiness, tears of joy and smiles all throughout. A superlative and heart-warming end to a winter wedding. So from all of us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group, we wish Lorrene & Darvy a beautiful life together, and we hope that our work with them on their wedding day will always warm their hearts for many winter seasons to come.

Wedding Hotel: Delta Hotels | 2035 Kennedy Road, Scarborough
Wedding Ceremony: St. Maria Goretti Parish | 717 Kennedy Road, Scarborough
Wedding Reception: Fantasy Farm | 50 Pottery Road, Toronto