For our videographers here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth rental group, no experience is better than living up to our namesake; the “same-day-edit” of a highlight reel specially made on the spot for couples on their wedding day. Filmed from morning to early evening and prepared by our professional cinematographers for immediate airing during the closing hours of the wedding reception, the intricate art of a finely prepared finished product produced in lightning fast speed is one of our most prized skills – and what truly brings out the creativity and passion we have for our craft. And for our work with Mary & George on their wonderful Egyptian wedding just this past May 29th, 2016 at Toronto’s St. Mary & St. Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church and a celebration at one of our favorite venues, Vaughan’s Hazelton Manor Banquet & Conference Centre, no day could have been a finer fit for a perfectly made same-day-edit for such a perfect couple! Incorporating many different editing and shooting styles all for a same-day-edit highlight, our videographers and cinematographers couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out; prepared in full for your viewing pleasure below! From the eclectic orthodox ceremonies to the sentimental shots and emotional synergy captured between the couple, it’s no small feat to sum up such a magical tale as that of Mary & George’s on their big Egyptian wedding day. So join us as we recall our wonderful time filming for Mary & George on their unforgettable wedding and have a look as well at our specially made same-day-edit which captures the finest points of what makes weddings such a wonder for us to work with.

Interesting in this highlight is that, as it is a same-day-edit, most of the footage we had worked with was filmed by our videographers and cinematographers during the morning’s preparations. This gave us ample space to incorporate and accent deeper elements and subtleties of the wedding day morning and ceremony. In particular, symbols and objects that hold paramount importance on a wedding; such as the wedding gifts and – most importantly – the wedding ring. You can see in the highlight that we chose some creative vantage points to introduce the wedding ring. As well, an interesting time-lapse shot (of many) showcasing the groom’s wedding watch, our videographers and cinematographers thought was quite an interesting and creative take to the morning highlights. As with wedding day mornings, a plethora of scenes filled with sentimental and candid shots of Mary & George as they prepare for the big day ahead. Something rather novel for our videographers and cinematographers to note was Mary & George’s choice in “letters” for one another; wrapped in envelopes in the form of touch-screen tablets and written in personalized videos addressed to their most precious loved one on a truly precious day. Funny how gadgets like these come and go but the sincere sentiment between people last forever.

With morning’s Egyptian wedding memories captured in full, Mary & George finally proceed to the beautiful St. Mary & St. Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church for the moment of truth. To continue the earlier theme, our videographers and cinematographers had chosen to feature a gorgeous panorama shot of the skyline just above the church filmed from our drone camera, and immediately after, we get creative with an excellently executed time-lapse of the Coptic church’s front facade. Luckily, on both accounts, the sky was a beautiful spotless blue which made the footage absolutely perfect.

And to continue the sequence of perfect scenes, Mary’s arrival at the church was a special pick for our videographers and cinematographers. From the opening of the front doors to a shot of the bride’s walk down the aisle, and a frame-perfect scene of George looking on, overcome with emotion. Truly a magical experience captured by our cameras. And as with the many Egyptian orthodox christian weddings we’ve filmed, the wedding ceremony alone is a treasure to be able to film. With Mary & George in gorgeous robes and beautifully decorated crowns, the wedding ceremony turned out absolutely regal from our lenses! And with Mary & George finally pronounced husband and wife, unanimous cheers from the jubilant crowd as the couple emerges, hands on high as they make their first steps towards a life and future together.

To put an interesting tone to the same-day-edit’s sequence of scenes, our videographers had chosen to perfectly sync the couple’s exit from the church and their entrance to their celebratory venue with an aptly timed change of music. For their wedding reception venue, newlyweds Mary & George had chosen a long-standing favorite among our videographers and cinematographers; Vaughan’s very own Hazelton Manor Banquet & Conference Centre, for an evening of lively dancing and celebration to commemorate a life together made anew. And as the same-day-edit highlight reel closes just in time to be played at the final hours of a truly wonderful wedding day experience, we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth rental group, are left with a final congratulations to Mary & George on a perfect wedding day made complete. We wish the newlyweds all the very best in their newfound life together, and hope sincerely that our work with them, though for simply a day, will remain with them throughout the many days of their lives.

Egyptian Wedding ceremony: St. Mary & St. Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church | 11308 Yonge St.
Wedding reception: Hazelton Manor Banquet & Conference Centre | 99 Peelar Rd.
Photoshoot location: Richmond Green Park | 1300 Elgin Mills Rd. East