Fate is a rather pleasant thing to behold, in how it works to bring people together in the most unexpected of ways. So for Kayla & Brady, a match made in heaven and a truly perfect pair, June 19th, 2015 would be a very special day indeed. And for us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo booth rental group, it would end up being a truly magical day filled with plenty of beautiful sights to see which kept our cameras rolling and our videographers and cinematographers ever busy for the most perfect of shots. Indeed, a truly unforgettable wedding day for Kayla & Brady, with a solemn ceremony set at Toronto’s historic Enoch Turner Schoolhouse and a superlative celebration at Toronto’s iconic Distillery District at one of our most favoured reception venues, the Archeo Restaurant. All of these sights and sounds amidst the start of the summer solstice and the beginning of summer, so it’s not at all surprising why Kayla & Brady chose one of The Beatles’ most beloved hits, “Here comes the sun” as their wedding day theme for their highlight reel. And we say, “It’s alright!”. So scroll further to learn more about Kayla & Brady, their absolutely unforgettable wedding day, and a sneak peek of our videographers’ and cinematographers’ highlight reel that chronicle’s all the magic that such a beautiful wedding day could bring.

As fate would have it, Kayla & Brady had gotten a hold of us here at SDE Weddings through the work our videographers and cinematographers did with one of Kayla’s best friends, Natasha, whose wedding we filmed almost a year earlier (See: Natasha & Brad Hamilton Wedding). It’s also quite fateful that our videographers and cinematographers would also end up filming Kayla’s sister’s wedding just a few months afterwards! (See: Katie & Mike Ancaster Mill Wedding), and through both Kayla & Katie’s weddings we got to work with one of the most talented photographers we’ve come across; Tamara Lockwood.

For the morning’s preparations, our videographers and cinematographers had begun their trail of two entourages, of the bride – Kayla, at her home – a lovely residence just by Toronto’s iconic Casa Loma. And of the groom, Brady, at The Ritz Carlton Toronto. In those short few hours, we captured a lifetime’s worth of memories. A few of our favorite shots; one of a slow zoom to the the bride’s fitting of her wedding gown with her bridesmaids in a brightly lit hallway, and to contrast, the groom and his groomsmen sharing a shot in anticipation for the tumultuous day ahead.

For Kayla & Brady, the first look – among the central scenes of a wedding day, took place at a first-time spot for our videographers and cinematographers, at Toronto’s historic Spadina House, a heritage museum that’s a favorite among wedding-hopefuls, and for good reason! You can view Kayla & Brady’s first-look in full in our highlight reel, a truly touching memory forever captured in film.

As for the highlight of the day, and indeed, the moment of truth for Kayla & Brady, their wedding ceremony was held at Toronto’s Enoch Turner Schoolhouse, another historic heritage site in Toronto’s old Corktown neighborhood. A particularly playful scene from the ceremony, of Kayla’s vow to her beloved husband-to-be, Brady, was one favorite of our videographers and cinematographers and one which we featured specially to start the highlight reel. A rather comical and lighthearted scene and certainly not your typical wedding vow exchange, we highly recommend you check it out and share a smile with the couple and their closest friends and family on a truly heartwarming memory made permanent in film.

And to close off the day, the happily newlywed couple Kayla & Brady – to fit a running theme – chose the ever iconic Distillery District as a final stop to their unforgettable wedding day trail; nestling at a favorite filming spot for our videographers and cinematographers, Toronto’s Archeo restaurant, for an evening of ecstatic celebration. From the evening’s events, we featured in the highlight reel a few choice lines from the speeches given in dedication to the newlyweds, as well as the truly unforgetable first dance – to the backdrop of beautifully subdued auburn lighting, an absolutely magical experience made ever the more memorable through our videographers’ and cinematographers’ lenses. All in all, we were very pleased with our work with Kayla & Brady on their most remarkable of days. Indeed, sometimes our due diligence does pay off, what with the path of fate leading our lenses through many different weddings between well acquainted friends and families. Though through it all, the thread of love still remains ever entwined in our work. We here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth rental group, wish Kayla & Brady the very best in their lives together, and hope that their wedding day is but one of many bright days to come.

Wedding ceremony: Enoch Turner Schoolhouse | 106 Trinity St.
Wedding venue: Archeo | 31 Trinity St.
Wedding officiant: Sam Loaker | Dundas Baptist Church
Hotel location: The Ritz Carlton | 181 Wellington West
First look location: Spadina Museum | City of Toronto Historic Sites
Photography services: Tamara Lockwood
Florist: Bernard Thibault
Hair: Eduardo Mella
Makeup: Laura Waldi
Limousine Services: Celebrity Limousine