Earlier this past October, Julia & Jeremy, a spirited young couple hailing from Hamilton, had heralded their holy matrimony just a hair-away from Halloween on October 23rd, 2015 and we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth group, were more than happy to play our parts in documenting their most special of days. And a special day it was, for our videographers and cinematographers as well! With a beautiful wedding ceremony held by the lakeshore at Geraldo’s At LaSalle Park Banquet & Convention Centre in Burlington and an utmost spectacular evening celebration to top off the day, Julia & Jeremy also had the special privilege of being one the first few couples of ours to request our aerial drone videography service – a videography technique that’s gotten increasingly popular this past year, and one that our videographers and cinematographers had quickly adapted and mastered for Julia & Jeremy’s long-awaited wedding day. Interestingly enough, Julia & Jeremy had been referred to us by a couple for whom we had the previous pleasure in working with, Jacqueline & Shane, whose wedding-day wonders we featured here. So it was an absolute honour and thrill for our videographers and cinematographers to play our parts once again for another wonderful couple on an absolutely wonderful wedding day. Scroll further to learn more about Julia & Jeremy, their gorgeous autumn wedding day, and a sneak-peek at exclusive aerial footage of the couple’s ceremony and celebration in our highlight reel below.

Our story with Julia & Jeremy begins at a humble home in Hamilton, with Julia and her beloved bridesmaids busily getting ready for the big day ahead. Here, our videographers and cinematographers captured some of the best shots of the day, and true heartfelt emotion as well: in Julia’s tearful letter-reading, of a sentimental wedding-day note from her husband-to-be, and of a beautiful smile born of the purest happiness and optimism that can only be found from a bride on her wedding day. Truly a scene that’d melt even the coldest of hearts, even in this winter weather! Featured as well from the morning are assorted scenes of busy preparation, all caught on our highlight reel for a truly sentimental touch.

The best touch however, for our videographers and cinematographers, is the very first scene of the highlight (well, why not?). A gorgeous aerial overview of Geraldo’s At LaSalle Park in Burlington captured by our DJI drone, a somewhat new toy for our videographers and cinematographers to play with and one that’s powerful enough to deliver just that, powerful scenes. From an overhead look at the centre-stage of Julia & Jeremy’s wedding ceremony, a truly unforgettable moment caught on-site by our videographers and cinematographers, to a gorgeous birds-eye-view from our videographers tracing out the shoreline to meet Julia & Jeremy locked in-step in a beautiful dance between bride and groom. A sequence of perfect memories to end with a perfect shot transitioning splendidly to the newlywed’s first dance of the evening.

For wedding-night festivities, Julia & Jeremy’s celebration was a fitting end to an undoubtedly miraculous day for the newlyweds. A favourite scene of our videographers and cinematographers which we had featured in the highlight reel was of Julia & Jeremy’s grand entrance to their wedding-day ballroom to the wide-eyed applause and salutations from the crowd. And just as how energetic their entrance had been, Julia & Jeremy’s long night was truly full of vibrant energy – from a full-course feast to the customary bouquet toss and wedding-games, and to draw a close to such a perfect wedding day, an open ballroom consumed by song and dance. A sight familiar though always impeccably beautiful through the lenses of our videographers and cinematographers’ work. In short, we here at SDE Weddings had an immaculate time with Julia & Jeremy and their wonderful wedding day. We wish the newlyweds the very best in their new lives together, and hope that their loving bond continues to grow to ever greater heights.

Wedding ceremony & reception: Geraldo’s At LaSalle Park | 50 North Shore Boulevard East, Burlington