Whether you’ve hitched your wedding wagons with your bride or groom to be, but are on the fence on hiring a wedding videographer, or you’re shopping around for vendors and need a bit of wedding-day-planning encouragement and assurance, we here at SDE Weddings have a few important points to share. Five pertinent points for all aspiring happily-ever-after’s to be that are considering hiring a wedding videographer for the most special and magical day of their lives. Having interviewed a plethora of pleased couples from diverse backgrounds through our work in the wedding industry, and having gone through numerous wedding reviews to find their motivations for hiring a wedding videographer, we’ve compiled the following list of five of the most common reasons why aspiring newlyweds should hire a videographer to capture and document your big day.

1. Having your very own feature film for your wedding ceremony and celebration is an opportunity that’s not worth missing!

Though it may seem somewhat novel now, and certainly not something your average consumer would’ve had access to perhaps as close in time as to about a decade ago, hiring a wedding videographer has rapidly become something of an indispensable part of the whole wedding package. With the ever-expanding capabilities of film and media technologies, and an ever increasing pool of artistic talent available in the digital age, it’s no longer a far-flung wish to have your very own wedding day imprinted forever in the form of a feature length film in crisp, clear, high-definition Hollywood quality.

2. Family members regularly watch the wedding video to reminisce and remember fond memories.

One of the most often cited reasons why happily newlywed couples chose to have wedding videographers document their wedding day in a feature film, and also the same reason why many couples agree that hiring a wedding videographer has been a worthwhile investment for them, is because of a custom wedding film’s ability to be replayed and shared over and over again among loved ones. Whether it be many years afterwards, or just a month or two later, happily married couples have noted that their closest family members and friends – especially the youngins! – love watching through their wedding day. And it’s certainly an immaculate gift to share with your future kids and grand kids, a little time-capsule in film, of the pinnacle moment that started it all.

3. Have a chance to experience parts of your wedding day that you might have missed out on.

I’m sure everyone at one point in time had wished that they could be in multiple places at one time. Certainly for the moments that truly define your life. None the least, your own wedding day for one. Another common reason brought up by couples for why their decision to hire a wedding videographer to capture each and every important vantage point throughout the wedding day is so that the newlyweds could look back and experience for themselves parts of their special day that they’ve happened to miss out on. From the early morning prep sessions to candid scenes of late-night dancing and celebration, couples have fondly described watching through their wedding films and finding parts they might have missed the first time, or recalling an interesting memory that would’ve been lost in time without this priceless time-capsule.

4. A lot of couples regret not hiring a videographer for their wedding.

We’ve gone through numerous testimonials and opinion posts given by newlyweds, wedding planners, photographers and other professionals in the wedding industry that attest to couples that have ended up regretting their decisions to skip out on hiring a videographer. As the old proverb goes, “hindsight is 20/20.” In our increasingly interconnected world of live-hashtags of wedding celebrations to wedding-day livestreams, having a simple wedding videographer to capture your essential memories seems like the smallest entree you could have on your platter when it comes to wedding day choices. Some couples have mentioned having been pleased with the photography work for their wedding day, but wished they had a bit more – perhaps videographers or a photo-booth among other things. Remember that for a day as important to you, your life and your loved ones as your wedding day, it’s forgivable – even expected – for you to go all out, to truly and sincerely get the best possible experience you can.

5. It’s simple, worth the investment and – most importantly – fun!

Many eager couples shopping around have mentioned that with the many vendors they go through, and factoring in their budget for the wedding day, sometimes a videographer might seem like an excessive expense at first. Not at all! Expecting newlyweds come into the fray with the mind-set that, despite how nice it would be to have your special day made ever-more eternal in film, that such a service would have a particularly high price point. Though what they eventually find out after shopping around, to their relief, is that having high production values for your wedding film, and crafting your big day onto the big screen, is within anyone’s reach and within anyone’s budget. Videographers, trained in their craft, know how to seamlessly integrate themselves with the wedding party, making their services extremely low-maintenance for the couple – and for their wedding day, rightfully so! And going through countless testimonials after the fact, of happily married newlyweds recalling their wedding day experience, and fondly remembering their wedding day’s scenic shots with videographers and photographers both, they’ve always had nothing but glowing words to say about how much fun the experience had been for them! In the end, the wedding day is about you and your loved ones on the happiest occasions one could have in their lives. Bring along a videographer, create new and exciting memories with your friends and family and share the happiness. After all, with a gift this precious, it’s hard not to share!