We are SDE Weddings®, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group. Throughout the year, our videographers and cinematographers have produced plenty of Same Day Edits for our clients; indeed, making “SDE” our namesake. With our videographers and cinematographers’ experience, we decided to share with you and your future spouse some key points and knowledge so that you can know all there is to know about Same Day Edits. On this post, we are also sharing with you some of the best Same Day Edits that our videographers/cinematographers have made in the past.

What is a Same Day Edit? (Same Day Edit, also know as SDE)

First off, if you haven’t seen one before, a Same Day Edit is a wedding film/video that our videographers and cinematographers create on-site during your wedding day for viewing during your evening’s wedding celebration. Yes, you read that right, our videographers and cinematographers capture every detail of your special day, with one specially assigned videographer on-site to edit the captured footage throughout the day. Eventually, our team prepares a very specially made wedding day video for viewing during your reception and celebration.

Why would I want a Same Day Edit?

There are three very good reasons why you’d want a Same Day Edit for your special day:

1) A Same Day Edit is a good way for guests and family members who arrived late, or who weren’t present during the morning, to experience the emotional moments from the morning’s ceremony and preparations which they had missed out on.

2) It’s also a fantastic way to kick start the wedding day party. A Same Day Edit is very effective in hyping up your guests, friends and relatives for your speeches, first dance or cake-cutting.
Similar to the first point, a Same Day Edit is an excellent way to share your wedding day memories with guests and family members who unfortunately happened to miss your wedding day. Our videographers and cinematographers usually upload the Same Day Edit for our clients shortly after the wedding day, so that you can quickly share your wedding day memories to those who couldn’t be there in person.

3) There’s something very magical in having the opportunity to take a look back on your special wedding day at the end of the night. It’s an excellent way to relive all of the emotional moments and memories from your day, and complete the evening on your best day ever.

How long are Same Day Edit videos usually, and what do they include?

Normally, the Same Day Edits our videographers and cinematographers create tend to be about 3 to 5 minutes long. For most couples, we usually have our Same Day Edit played right before the newlyweds’ speech and dance party. So our videographers and cinematographers typically have the Same Day Edit prepared in full between 8:40pm and 9:20pm. Same Day Edits usually include the morning’s getting-ready preparations, the wedding ceremony, photo-shoot footage, the newlyweds’ grand entrance as well as the first dance – if your first dance should take place right after your entrance.

What do I need to do if I want to include a Same Day Edit at my reception?

The most important point to consider if you’re thinking of including a Same Day Edit for your wedding day is to consider how you’re going to have the Same Day Edit played for you and your wedding guests. Does your chosen venue offer projectors and screens for your use? If so, it’s important that you figure out the cost for using them, and factor that into your wedding day budget. Projectors and screens aren’t always free to use in wedding venues, and sometimes they’re in the hands of the AV company that had them installed. If your venue doesn’t have screens or projectors available, consider inquiring with your chosen DJ if they have screens and projectors available which they might be able to bring to your reception.

The second important point to note is to consider who will have the Same Day Edit video played, and who is in control of the sound volume; will it be the in-house speaker system or the DJ? Our videographers and cinematographers usually provide the venue or DJ a USB key which includes the Same Day Edit video file, or barring that, a direct-plug connection to the laptop our videographers and cinematographers used to edit the video. Other things to consider include; will it be the venue that’s in control of the presentation, or will it be the DJ? Will your DJ and MC have the video played on queue during your wedding schedule?

How can I personalize my Same Day Edit video?

Our videographers and cinematographers are focused in bringing you the best quality work they can create, and are willing to work with you and your spouse to fully customize your Same Day Edit so that the video truly reflects you and your best day. For example, you can pick your favourite songs to include in the Same Day Edit; songs that are both personal and emotional, or anything you’d like, something that our videographers and cinematographers can use as the background track for your Same Day Edit. You can also advise us on your preferences for including dialogue and speeches for your Same Day Edit. Would you prefer a Same Day Edit that’s personal to you and tells your story? If so, our videographers and cinematographers can include sound bites from your vows and letter-reading from the morning’s preparations. Or perhaps you’d prefer a video that’s more on the upbeat and energetic side? For that, you’d probably prefer a video with minimal use of sound-bites, or mostly a music-video which focuses on the key visuals which highlight your wedding day.

Is it stressful for your videographers and cinematographers to create the Same Day Edit at my wedding? Are we going to miss out on any coverage from the day?

We are SDE Weddings®, and our namesake is the “Same Day Edit”. The Same Day Edit is what our videographers and cinematographers are experts on, and is what we’ve been making for many years; perfecting the technique and turning it into an art-form. With our experience, our videographers and cinematographers are well equipped, and our nerves are quite calm all throughout the wedding day. We are fully capable and skilled enough to create a beautiful wedding day video to showcase your beautiful wedding day at the end of the evening’s celebrations, all without missing any of your important wedding day moments.

If you are thinking about getting a Same Day Edit for your wedding in Toronto and abroad, contact us today and let our experienced wedding videographers and cinematographers be a part of your big day.