“In a relationship, it’s not about finding a partner, it’s finding the right partner.” A sentence simply stated in a speech from atop a reception podium rings incontrovertibly true for Tamara & Ian, an extraordinary couple whose wedding day reception and celebration we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s top wedding videography and cinematography company, were exceedingly proud to be a part of. For those of us who’ve gone through the rounds of romance, the trials and tribulations spent through finding that special someone is an unforgettable adventure, and so as it is with Tamara & Ian, whose very own adventures led them to a memorable meeting down the aisle on their wedding day on May 31st, 2014 at the ever gorgeous green pastures of Mississauga’s Credit Valley Golf and Country Club. Tamara, a lawyer from Mississauga, had met Ian, an analyst and portfolio manager at BMO Financial Group, and the two hit it off immediately. No doubt, the two completed one another in all facets; personally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually. And with a beautiful wedding day at the cusp of a Toronto summer, our videographers and cinematographers here at SDE Weddings couldn’t help but feel elated in filming every emotional moment throughout Tamara & Ian’s special day. Scroll further to learn more about our wonderful wedding day experience.

tamara ian toronto wedding video at credit valley golf and country clubtamara ian toronto wedding video at credit valley golf and country club

Photos Courtesy of Silverlight Wedding Photography | silverlightphotography.ca

Morning couldn’t come any quicker for Tamara & Ian. For the anxious couple, this day had been a long time coming. A feeling rightly expressed in the letters the two exchanged for the morning of their wedding day, a sentimental sight which our videographers had featured in the highlight reel below. Tamara & Ian’s golden day had an added touch of shine, as Tamara’s bridesmaids chose a shimmering shade of yellow as their formal ensemble and Ian’s groomsmen matched the lovely ladies with ties seemingly cut from the same turmeric-themed thread. The beloved bride and groom, both of whom reside in Mississauga, just a stone’s throw away from our familiar Toronto, had aptly chosen Mississauga’s Credit Valley Golf and Country Club for an outdoor wedding ceremony set on a brilliant May day, and with not a cloud to be spotted by our videographers amidst the wide azure sky, Tamara & Ian hedged the right bet. For our videographers and cinematographers, there were many creative things we could do with all that wide green space afforded to us. One particularly interesting shot was that of Tamara & Ian taking a golf-cart guided tour about the 18-putt premises, which you can preview in the attached highlight reel. The wedding ceremony proper was set on a gorgeous outdoor patio underneath a proverbial canopy of tall trees offering shade to compliment the bright summer sky. With a path outlined by flower petals, Tamara & Ian finally met under the gaze of God and were wed wonderfully with a kiss to seal the deal.

With formal rites finalized, Tamara & Ian, the newlywed husband and wife were now ready for the jubilations that would last the entire evening. A special shot taken by our videographers after the ceremonies was of an aerial-wide scene of the whole congregation as they shared in the happiness Tamara & Ian felt on such a significant instant of their lives together. The wedding party would soon transition to an indoor celebration inside the bright and spacious country club. The first dance coupled with a kiss was another scene our videographers were particularly proud of capturing, as onlookers couldn’t help but take a quick smartphone snap of the precious moment as it happened. Indeed, days like these are sometimes too precious for words to describe, but they must be described anyway. Speeches from Tamara & Ian’s closest loved ones and family were enough to attest to the newlyweds’ unwavering love for one another, and indeed, we share their sentiment in wishing Tamara & Ian a wonderful life together. The evening would close with an open floor for dancers of all ages (a cute scene in the highlight reel!), and a perfect day complete for Tamara & Ian. All in all, we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography group, hope that Tamara & Ian are always and ever firm in their convictions for each other, and sincerely wish them all the best in their lives to come.

tamara ian toronto wedding video at credit valley golf and country clubtamara ian toronto wedding video at credit valley golf and country club
tamara ian toronto wedding video at credit valley golf and country clubtamara ian toronto wedding video at credit valley golf and country club

Wedding Venue: Credit Valley Golf and Country Club | 2500 Old Carriage Rd, Mississauga, ON L5C 1Y7
Venue co-ordinator: Teresa Padinha
Photographer: Silverlight Wedding Photography | Steve Rhodes
Wedding DJ: All Star Entertainment | Brandon Davis
Wedding MC: West Indian Connection | Ansar Rahaman
Wedding Florist: Floral Werx
Make Up Artist: Francine Spencer
Wedding Hair Stylist: Carolyn McKoy