For the few of us who are lucky enough in life, “love at first sight” is something a bit more than just whimsical fantasy. We at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography company, through our work with many couples on their wedding day, believe however that fate and love are more intertwined than what it seems, and “love at first sight” is not that hard to believe. For Anna and Christian’s co-workers, the moment the two were introduced may have been another day going through the rounds in the infirmary, but for Anna and Christian both, it was a little more profound than that. The millisecond moments when their twin glances had crossed paths would seem like an immemorial portrait of time standing still, giving birth to a whole universe born out of nothingness. Things would soon swiftly spiral for the two, and the northern constellations would find themselves aligning favourably for Christian, when during an intimate Christmas evening under a shimmering tree, Christian finally proposed to Anna and the two would share a many-minute long interlude of a deluge of tears before Anna would finally speak her hearts’ true intentions, “I waited a really long time for you.”. The idea of a person’s premonitions about life and love coming to fruition is something truly wonderful, and one of the greatest motivators for our work.

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