Faranak and Ayaaz, two prospective doctors and avid movie goers, were an absolute delight to work with for us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s top wedding videography and cinematography company. Not only from the way the two were always brimming with positivity and shared an ever abundant love for one another, but through their openness, humour and above all a love of life that we knew that these two were among the brightest couples that we’ve ever set our sights on. Unique in our work with weddings, Faranak and Ayaaz had requested a special engagement video, where the couples’ love of film and interest in videography bonded with our very own. In midst of our studio’s green screen, the couple, along with their closest friends and loved ones, recreated a few of Hollywood’s most iconic scenes in a rather haphazardly humorous way, all with the running gag of Faranak and Ayaaz’s upcoming wedding celebration. Our work with the two would further culminate in a festive wedding weekend on May 30th and June 1st, 2014, at the familiar steps of Toronto’s ever luxurious Liberty Grand. Scroll further to learn more about Faranak and Ayaaz, their engagement’s green screen gregariousness and the beautiful weekend wedding ceremony and celebration that followed.
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