Familiarity is a funny thing. Having a discriminating taste is paramount when involving yourself in a field such as as weddings and wedding videography. No surprise then that through our many years working with vendors and venues here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography company, we’ve come to familiarize ourselves with a cavalcade of Toronto’s best when it comes to delivering the finest wedding experiences to couples. Many factors come into play when judging a venue’s worth; from the amorous ambiance, aesthetics and atmosphere, to the cunning cutlery of the cuisinieres, all those behind the scenes working their hardest to make your dream day the best it can be, and everything in between. Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding day, then, can be made a bit less laborious a task with the following list we’ve compiled of the best of the best venues that we’ve worked with here in Toronto and all across the GTA. Each venue listed here has their own unique qualities and individual charms, such that picking the perfect one is made much simpler for you.
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