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Ah, Valentine’s day. What more can be said about this quintessential day of romance and love that hasn’t been etched onto millions of Hallmark love letters and ubiquitous boxed chocolates? Well, one thing however – and that’s our very first Valentine’s Day wedding! A truly humbling experience for us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth group. The daringly amorous couple who chose the day devoted to all things to do with love and romance for their wedding was Rob & Holly, an Italian couple of six-years from Hamilton who held this feast of St. Valentines appropriately enough at Christ’s Church Cathedral, with a resplendent reception at the lovely Sheraton Hamilton Hotel. Suffice to say, with a wedding film, our namesake same-day-edit highlight reel made for their reception, and our renowned photobooth service being a guaranteed hit with the guests, our wedding videographers and cinematographers had more than a handful for themselves this Valentine’s Day in working with Rob & Holly. Scroll further to learn more about this wonderful couple and their wedding day which doubled-down in Valentine’s Day-inspired romance.

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