It’s not often that one comes across a ‘perfect’ couple, in ordinary circumstances anyway. That’s why we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography group, feel almost blessed that we’ve witnessed plenty of ‘perfect’ couples pass through one of life’s largest landmarks, that of their wedding day. Such is why we felt more than blessed to work with Sonia & Mohit on their wedding celebration, that lasted not just one day, but an entire three-day weekend ordeal just a few weeks ago from December 4th, and the weekend of December 6th, 2014 which had a ‘sangeet’ party set at Mississauga’s Verdi Banquet Hall for the first day, and an impressive wedding-weekend spent at the ‘Renaissance Hall’ of Woodbridge’s Château Le Jardin. An extraordinary couple to say the least, our videographers and cinematographers had followed the two throughout their weekend-wedding, and had prepared a Next-Day-Edit to showcase for the final day of their wedding. Turns out, Mohit had something up his sleeve to keep our own film-makers on their toes for the final day. Keep your cursors scrolled to learn more about Sonia & Mohit, our videographers’ and cinematographers’ experience, and the couples’ wonderful weekend wedding.
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