A wedding day, for countless couples with a lifetime of shared memories together, is the happiest day of their lives. From the earliest morning moments to the final minutes past midnight and the dawn of a new day and a new life together, a wedding day is nothing but magic from beginning to end. And for us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth group, our videographers and cinematographers had the utmost pleasure to truly be reminded of just how exhilarating and unforgettable a wedding day experience is from start to finish during our work with Steven & Amanda, a vivacious and energetic young couple who held their fateful wedding day just this previous summer season on August 20th, 2016 with a ceremony of solemn vows held at the beautiful St. Padre Pio Church in Vaughan, just a stone’s throw away from Toronto, and an unbelievably vibrant, kinetic and eclectic celebration held at one of our all-time favourite wedding day venues; Toronto’s very own Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex at Toronto’s breathtaking harbourfront. Our wedding videographers and cinematographers knew from the get-go that Steven & Amanda were a very special couple; having earlier worked on their engagement film (of which you can spot clips of in the included highlight reel) for which the couple had initially visited Toronto’s harbourfront and took a romantic scenic boat tour – sharing many-a-sentimental scene underneath Toronto’s most world-famous skyline. So our videographers and cinematographers knew just how inseparable and unassailable Steven & Amanda were as a couple, and knew just how energetic, exciting and truly life-affirming Steven & Amanda’s wedding day would be. From our namesake same-day-edit showcasing a throwback of the couple’s engagement film and trailing their story all the way to the altar, to the fully finished highlight reel complete with all of our videographers’ and cinematographers’ favorite scenes from the magical day. Join us as we recall just how perfectly vibrant Steven & Amanda’s wedding day ceremony and celebration had been, and witness why Steven & Amanda’s unforgettable wedding day would go down among the happiest days of their lives from beginning to end.

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