For us here at SDE Weddings®, Toronto’s top wedding videography, cinematography, and photo booth rental company, it’s in capturing life’s most beautiful moments that make our work all the more worthwhile. From the morning’s preparations, to the ultimate moment down the aisle, and all the beautiful memories shared in between; all through a couple’s wedding day, there’s nothing but magic in the air, and plenty of magical scenes to capture for our videographers and cinematographers. Watching a relationship come to full bloom in a wedding day is a truly beautiful moment, and that we can share these touching memories and emotions through film makes the work of our videographers and cinematographers ever-the-more important. So for our videographers and cinematographers, the story of Nicole & Daniel was an absolutely remarkable one captured in full and immortalized in film. The beautiful young couple held their wedding day at the beginning of summer on June 29th, 2018 with a beautiful Jewish & Moldovan ceremony and celebration at The Arlington Estate, a magnificently kept countryside property in Kleinburg, on the outskirts of Vaughan, just northwest of our Toronto headquarters and one of our favourite countryside destinations for our videographers and cinematographers. With a wonderful outdoor wedding ceremony underneath the summer sky, and an unforgettable wedding celebration to close the evening, our cameras captured plenty of immaculate scenes from Nicole & Daniel’s wedding day, which were perfectly featured as a same-day-edit to end a perfect summer wedding day. So join us as we recall Nicole & Daniel’s absolutely majestic and magical Jewish & Moldovan wedding day, and take a summertime trip to the countryside with our videographers and cinematographers for one of this year’s most lively and wonderful wedding days so far.

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