Sometimes the best love stories are those that start the earliest. A childhood crush, a lifelong friendship, and ultimately an unbroken vow for those that are – quite literally – meant for each other. For us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group, such fancifully romantic tales are the perfect stories we’ve always loved to film and feature. Such is the story of Diana & Kevin, two childhood friends from kindergarten that began dating a decade ago and have finally chosen to tie the knot just this past September 3rd, 2016 in a beautiful ceremony and reception at the University of Toronto’s historic Hart House Centre. Kevin, who’s Korean, and Diana, who’s Chinese, had chosen a cross-cultural motif for their wedding day; an homage to both heritages, and an absolute pleasure to film for our videographers and cinematographers. A truly particularly special couple to work with, our videographers and cinematographers had also went the extra mile by incorporating several scenic shots of the couple in and around the grounds of their old elementary school; a beautifully nostalgic gesture perfectly planned and placed on the couple’s wedding day. So join us as we recall our wonderful time filming for Diana & Kevin on a day that remains both nostalgic and unforgettable.


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