Sometimes life is simply better when you’re well connected, and with a wedding of over thirteen hundred celebrants, Vipushitha and Anchyan certainly know the benefits of a bit of fame. With a two-day wedding event, a ceremony set in the luxurious Le Parc banquet hall and the day-after reception in the massive Toscana banquet hall set in Thornhill, just outside of Toronto, the beloved couple surely knew how to set themselves apart with their celebration. Vipushitha and Anchyan, a Sri Lankan couple from Toronto who’ve only known each other for two years, did not let such a short period of time hinder them from finding the best out of one another, learning the ins and outs of their partner and discovering a true love that would lead to a lifelong commitment. We at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography group, are ever receptive to the cornucopia of cultural traditions that Toronto’s diversity brings us, and are no doubt especially receptive to the plenty colorful and extravagant ceremonies of South Asian weddings. Vipushitha and Anchyan’s wedding was indeed a sight to behold, and from our diligent work in both capturing and editing the plentiful wedding video footage of the two-day long festivities, we are quite delighted in bringing such sights, sounds and storytelling to fruition.

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