One of the greatest transitions in life is the passing from adolescence to adulthood, and at the young age of twenty-five, Sarah and Ellis chose to make the jump from simply being young professionals at the budding stage of their working lives onto a fulfilling life of love in marriage. Ellis, a bookworm in his own right, with a masters in management and accounting, met the love of his life, Sarah, once a subject to his tutelage while TA’ing for one of Sarah’s senior-year accounting classes. Only a year apart in schooling at University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus, Sarah was poised to complete her undergraduate studies whilst Ellis only begun his masters program. It is through this tumultuous transitional sea of sacrifice and schoolwork that the two would form a lasting bond that would buoy them to the shining shores of a marriage made complete. We at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s top wedding videographer and cinematography company, were immediately drawn to the youthful enthusiasm shared by the two, especially throughout the wedding celebrations, and were well honored to handle all the media work for such a special day in their lives.

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