On June 1st of 2013, we had the honor of filming Aneidah & Anson’s wedding that took place at the Destiny Banquet Hall (4220 Steeles Ave West) in Toronto. Our day started in the morning with members of our wedding videography team arriving separately at Aneidah & Anson’s houses to film them getting ready for their wedding.

Once the preparations were done, we traveled to the Destiny Banquet Hall for the ceremony. Anson enter the Banquet Hall in style, he arrived at the venue with his entourage and his very own Tassa Band. After Anson’s grand entrance, Aneidah entered the venue with her father by her arms. During her entrance, Aneidah’s cousin, Aliya, sang the song Love Me Tender by Norah Jones. The actual Nikkah wedding ceremony lasted over 45 minutes. Proceeding the Nikkah wedding ceremony, the wedding guests were treated with a buffet lunch while the bride & groom traveled to McMichael Canadian Art Collection (10365 Islington Ave, Vaughan L0J1C0) for family portraits and wedding photos with their wedding photographer Dragi Andovski from DA Photography.
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