Fate has conspired once again. For those out there that are avid readers of our blog, you might remember a lovely couple by the names of Dianne & Anthony, who came to us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth group, for filming of both an engagement highlight film and for their full-fledged wedding. That was quite a few months ago in October. Well, ever anxious as we are here, we finally caught up with Dianne & Anthony again on the day which culminated their journey together thus far, the monumental wedding day, taking place just this past January 10th, 2015. With a new year, a new start and a new life ahead of them, Dianne & Anthony were ever excited just as how our videographers and cinematographers met them at first; eager to pave new paths in their lives together. And we here at SDE Weddings were utmost proud in helping the all-too-spirited couple in capturing and commemorating such a momentous day in their lives. With a complete Catholic wedding ceremony at Mississauga’s Cristo Rei Parish, an evening to start a lifetime with at Mississauga’s Apollo Convention Centre, our videographers and cinematographers capturing every sentimental moment, and our namesake Same-Day-Edit played for them to close the night, Dianne & Anthony couldn’t ask for anything more perfect. Keep your cursors scrolled to learn more about Dianne & Anthony, their unforgettable wedding day, and how our videographers and cinematographers helped to make their matrimonial magic last a lifetime.

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