From inter-faith to inter-cultural, life and love intertwined together has the power to transcend all barriers and boundaries. We here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo booth group, know this message all too well. So in working with Kristin & Tommy in filming their wondrous wedding day set on the bright summer day of July 5th, 2014, we are reminded of love’s lasting power to unite people, and just how paramount our passions can be in bringing people together. In an inter-faith ceremony of both Buddhist and Christian tradition, Kristin & Tommy, a Filipino and Vietnamese couple, were wed in a sentimental setting between their most precious loved ones, and held a lovely gathering at Markham’s Casa Victoria restaurant to celebrate and enjoy one of the most beautiful moments of their lives. We were privileged to spend their wonderful wedding day with them, and more so honoured to provide the full footage of their unforgettable day. Scroll further to learn more about Kristin & Tommy, their inter-faith and inter-cultural wedding, and the memorable marriage celebration afterwards.

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