The coming of the autumn season signals both the gradual end of the year and a premonition of new beginnings on the horizon. With changing leaves comes changing lives; and for us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group, no change is more monumental than that of an ever-eager couple’s wedding day. So for Kimberly & Philip, a couple hailing from Scarborough, a choice of fall for their wedding day season would play perfectly to the tune of change, of “turning a new leaf” and the blossoming of something beautiful to come. Thus, on a beautiful autumn day on September 30th, 2016, our videographers and cinematographers joined Kimberly & Philip as they embarked on the first step of what is hopefully a long journey to come. In a beautiful ceremony held at St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church in Scarborough, a photo session at the ever-gorgeous Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens, and a night of celebration at Toronto’s Parkview Manor Banquet Hall. A vibrant pair, both hailing from Mediterranean roots; of Greece, Italy and Portugal, it’s no wonder that Kimberly & Philip’s wedding was as vibrant and lively as can be. And for our videographers and cinematographers, saving a piece of this vibrancy in film would become a truly unforgettable task; and made for truly unforgettable footage. So join us as we recall our wonderful time working with Kimberly & Philip, their gorgeous autumn wedding day, and a sneak-peek at several of our videographers’ and cinematographers’ favourite scenes from the day in the highlight reel below.

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