They say that a fine wine grows with age. Much in the spirit of a vintage chardonnay, the flavour of love can only grow deeper, richer and more vibrant as time goes on. We here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography company, aren’t exactly experts on the finer points of wine-related gastronomy, but can yet relate a familiar story through the grapevine. For Sabria and Karim, a couple who met long ago as neighbors in a small suburban enclave in St. Catharines, such a sentiment of love’s growth through the ages can only ring true, like the sizzling sound of a wineglass, to their story. Slowly but surely, their individual vines symbolic of their lives would grow to envelop each other. Each one enfolding the thorns of the other, bearing fruit for the other, till the bounty of their love grew complete and was set and ready for harvest. With a wedding feast held at ‘The Stone Mill’ in St. Catharines on April 5th, 2014, a lovely getaway inn by the vineyards of Niagara-on-the-lake, Sabria and Karim freely shared the fruits of their labor of love in an intimate setting surrounded by their closest friends and family. Feel free to view the highlight reel below for a taste of what Sabria and Karim’s special day had to offer.

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