We here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group, know all too well that the deepest love that is found between couples is the love of two best friends. A life-long journey with humble beginnings, growing into something beautiful, culminating in a wedding day and a life happily ever after. That’s why for our videographers and cinematographers, having filmed countless weddings over the years, the story of Gigi & Noel serves as a special reminder of what makes a couple truly magnificent through our lenses – the qualities of what makes newlyweds shine on their wedding day, what makes the two parts become “whole” at the end of it all. We had the utmost pleasure working with Gigi & Noel on their wonderful wedding just this past summer, on July 26th, 2015 at a spectacular country-side venue at the Eagles Nest Golf Club in Maple, just a stone’s throw away from Vaughan. Gigi & Noel’s story is one of two best friends, knowing each other for well over six years, meeting unexpectedly during their undergrad days and finally finding true love in one another through thick and thin. For such a strong bond between two souls, filming their wedding day is truly a humbling task, and one which our videographers and cinematographers did their best in performing – from first frame to last, all to capture the magic which makes such a friendship stand the test of time. So scroll further and learn more about Gigi & Noel on their unforgettable wedding day, and have a look at the highlight reel below, specially made by our videographers and cinematographers for a very special couple on a truly magnificent day.

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