There is more to the metaphor of ‘love as an ember’, of a kindling fire that ignites the most ‘human’ of emotions in all of us, to experience the deepest of desires and most pertinent of passions. Such was what we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography group, felt in full through our work with Shambavi & Ananthan in filming and documenting the couples’ most personal of memories during their wedding day. The couples’ consummate celebration took place just this past November 29th, 2014 in a traditional Hindu ceremony held at Toronto’s ‘The Warehouse’ wedding venue, with a gorgeous after-ceremony affair to close the evening right in the heart of downtown Toronto’s famous ‘Distillery District’ in an intimate reception care of the ‘Archeo Trattoria‘ restaurant. Shambavi & Ananthan held a very humble traditional Hindu wedding, a “Vivaah Sanskar”, in a ‘divine ceremony sanctified by fire’, and as you shall see below, our videographers and cinematographers couldn’t help but be captivated in capturing the menagerie of lights and colours, sights and sounds that constituted the vibrant atmosphere of the couples’ wedding day. Scroll further to learn more about our wonderful time working with Shambavi & Ananthan, and to view a very special ‘Same-Day-Edit‘ our videographers and cinematographers had crafted for the couple as a special gift for their wedding day’s reception.

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