“Let’s get to the church, would ya?” – a bit blunt, a bit informal, but every bit beautiful. A contrast which is ever inspiring for us here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photobooth group. A subtle take-away message from our work with Kimberly & Paul, an entrepreneurial couple from Mississauga at the prime of their lives, whose wedding our videographers and cinematographers took part in just this previous October 4th, 2014 at a wedding ceremony held at Toronto’s historical St. Paul’s Basilica, hand-in-hand with an unforgettable reception and celebration at one of our videographers’ and cinematographers’ favoured scenic getaways, Toronto’s very own St. Lawrence Hall. Indeed, Kimberly & Paul’s wedding – and their lives together – emboldens a beautiful contrast: Paul, a manager at Deloitte, and Kim, a specialist in HR, though fastidious and formal in their work, exude a joyful playfulness between them that’s enough to make any hopeless romantic’s heart melt twice-over. So it was up to our videographers and cinematographers to catch, capture and convey this charming quality between the pair, and suffice to say, Kimberly & Paul – through their heartfelt emotions and efervescent character, made it far too easy a task. And in keeping true to the theme of playfulness, Kimberly & Paul had also arranged for our very own photobooth service for their after-ceremony celebration shenanigans. Scroll further to learn more about Kimberly & Paul’s most special of days, a preview of the wedding day’s events in our highlight reel, and more from our videographers and cinematographers on their favorite scenes and what the experience was like to work with such a lively and charmistatic couple on such a hallmark event in their lives.

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