Toronto is famous worldwide for its unique multicultural atmosphere. Often boasting its status as the most multicultural major city in the world, among other accolades as ranking among the highest in standards of living and a near-utopian culture of tolerance and acceptance of immigrant traditions that mold together into a cohesive social structure. Toronto is like a miniature UN, so to say. That’s why we were very pleased as Toronto’s premier wedding videography & cinematography company to film Sabrina and Ranvir’s wedding, a couple whose love transcends yet envelops culture and religion both. Sabrina, a christian of the Church of the Nazarene congregation, and Ranvir, an ardent Sikh belonging to the Gurdwara Sikh Sangat, are an extraordinary couple indeed, yet who met ironically in rather ordinary circumstances. The two were introduced during high school, and began dating soon after graduation. The classic story of teenage lovers, their bond soon grew as time went on, till both finally decided on a lifelong commitment to one another, going above and beyond cultural and religious barriers, as love often has the power to. The couple were married in a two day celebration on August 16th and 17th of 2013, in both Christian and Sikh wedding traditions, where which well over 400 guests were in attendance. A rather extravagant reception for an extraordinary duo to say the least.
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