Here is the wedding highlight video that we made for Mina & Carol.
For us here at SDE Weddings®, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography, and photo booth company, taking a trip down memory lane and tracing back a couple’s first moments and the budding of a newly minted love story is one of the most romantic and heartfelt parts of what our videographers and cinematographers can do for a wedding day. The story of young love, growing and glowing through the ages, and one day culminating into a glorious wedding day ceremony and celebration is an always touching theme to share, and a true testament to the beauty of life, fate, and the shared destiny between people. Such is how our videographers and cinematographers begin our story with Carol & Mina, a lovely couple from Ottawa who held their Coptic wedding on a fine spring day just this past May 27th, 2018 in an unforgettable ceremony held at Ottawa’s St. George and St. Anthony Coptic Orthodox Church, with a vibrant celebration to finish at the Hilton Lac-Leamy just across the river in Gatineau, Quebec. In our included highlight reel and same-day-edit, our videographers and cinematographers join Carol & Mina as they recount and re-enact their various relationship milestones, and welcome one of their grandest milestones in a wonderful wedding day to start their lives anew. A truly unique and beautifully creative experience for our videographers and cinematographers, and we invite you to take part in Carol & Mina’s story as well through the highlight reel. From a chance meeting to the unfolding of fate into a blossoming of something beautiful, Carol & Mina’s story is truly one of a kind. So join us as we revisit our work with Carol & Mina on their wonderful springtime wedding day.

Here is the Same Day Edit wedding video we made for Mina & Carol.
Our videographers and cinematographers’ work with Carol & Mina began nearly a year earlier, when we helped the couple in creating their engagement film. In the highlight reel, you can follow the story as told by both Carol & Mina about how the two met as if through fate, and the wonderfully creative trail of clues that Mina left behind for his unbeknownst bride-to-be Carol; guiding her through the many landmarks of their relationship, with a beautiful ring and Mina on one knee at the end. A heartfelt winter scene overlooking the Rideau Canal, and a truly heartwarming and creative journey for Carol as well as our videographers and cinematographers who filmed every precious moment.

Fast forward to May 27, 2018, springtime a year later. It’s Carol & Mina’s fated day, and our videographers and cinematographers are back again with the wonderful couple to join them on their wonderful wedding day. One of our favourite scenes for our videographers and cinematographers included the iconic exchange of heartfelt letters between bride and groom; especially touching was Carol’s tearful reading of Mina’s love letter to his bride-to-be on the morning of their big day. In our highlight reel, our videographers and cinematographers juxtapose Carol & Mina’s first reveal to both bridesmaids and groomsmen respectively, and the celebrations which ensued.

For Carol & Mina’s wedding ceremony, the bride and groom had chosen a very special location; that of Ottawa’s St. George and St. Anthony Coptic Orthodox Church. For Carol & Mina, faith plays a central part in their shared lives, as the two had first met at a Coptic Orthodox Church, and fittingly married at a Coptic Orthodox Church. For our videographers and cinematographers, taking a beautiful aerial view of Ottawa’s skyline and featuring St. George and St. Anthony’s Church alongside beautiful footage of the church’s classically designed Coptic orthodox interior provides a beautiful homage to the couple’s shared religious heritage. Finally, for the ceremony, our videographers and cinematographers trailed Carol as she proceeded down the aisle to meet her beloved husband-to-be in a truly tearful and joyful memory captured forever through our lenses. And in a beautiful traditional Egyptian Coptic orthodox wedding ceremony, Carol & Mina were finally wedded; with many of the absolutely perfect scenes captured and shared in our included highlight reel. We welcome you to join in the festivities as well!

Before the evening’s festivities were underway, our videographers and cinematographers had joined the newlyweds Carol & Mina as they toured downtown Ottawa, the capital of our great nation, for many spectacular wedding day video and photo-shoot opportunities. In our highlight reel, you can see Carol & Mina sharing a kiss just outside parliament hill in a truly spectacular and romantic scene captured by our videographers and cinematographers. And for the newlyweds’ after-ceremony celebrations, Carol & Mina had chosen a very special location; reserving a hall at the Hilton Lac-Leamy just across the river in Gatineau, Quebec. A few favourites from our videographers and cinematographers on Carol & Mina’s special evening included both the couple’s grand entrance to the hall, and the newlyweds’ ever-romantic first dance which were absolutely mesmerizing. What made the event stand out for our videographers and cinematographers as well was the featuring of our namesake same day edit highlight reel for the evening’s celebrations; summing up Carol & Mina’s journey from friendship to courtship to a lifetime’s relationship. An unbelievable and unforgettable journey.

So with all that said and done, we here at SDE Weddings®, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography, and photo-booth group, would like to wish Carol & Mina all the very best in their lives and future together. We were absolutely ecstatic to have played a part in filming, producing, editing and documenting Carol & Mina’s truly beautiful wedding day, as well as their engagement and their unforgettably creative wedding proposal, all wrapped up in our included highlight reel. We are very much humbled that they chose our videographers and cinematographers to join them during some of the most pivotal moments of their lives together, and we hope that our work with them on their perfect wedding day remains a true testament to the power of fate, faith, and love.

Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Ceremony: St. George and St. Anthony Coptic Orthodox Church | 1081 Cadboro Rd, Ottawa
Wedding Reception Venue: Hilton Lac-Leamy | 3 Boulevard du Casino, Gatineau
Décor & Flowers: Ottawa Wedding Décor
Photography: Nate Dionisio Photography
Cakes: Kyko Cakes
Limo: Liberty Limousine