For us here at SDE Weddings®, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group, nothing makes our videographers and cinematographers happier than playing a part in the production and performance of a perfect couple’s wedding day. Seeing the culmination of the many years that a couple have had to build a life together come to the crossroads of a wedding day, and looking forward to a lifetime of beautiful memories ahead, we can’t help but feel ecstatic and excited through the many weddings we’ve worked on. So for our videographers and cinematographers, the story of Lisa & Anthony was truly a special one. A long-time couple from the small city of Camlachie, in the lovely town of Eton Court, Ontario, Lisa & Anthony held their wedding day earlier this year on a beautiful May 13th, 2017 wedding ceremony and celebration set in a heartwarming small-town setting. With a perfect ceremony at Brights Grove’s St. Michael Roman Catholic Church, just a stone’s throw away from Sarnia, and quite a trek for our videographers and cinematographers to head out west from our Toronto headquarters, Lisa & Anthony’s wedding day would be one to remember. Coupled with a spectacular reception and celebration at Sarnia’s Dante Club Hall, our hearts and minds were sincerely warmed by the many scenes we’ve helped capture of Lisa & Anthony’s monumental wedding day. So join us as we recall the many splendid scenes our videographers and cinematographers had filmed for Lisa & Anthony’s wedding day, and take a trip with us out west as we recall one of our truly memorable travels to the charming streets of Sarnia and Brights Grove for what would be an unforgettable wedding day.

Here is the highlight wedding video that we made for Lisa & Anthony’s wedding at Sarnia Ontario.

Our videographers and cinematographers began their work on Lisa & Anthony’s splendid spring season wedding day by paying a visit to both bride & groom’s homes in Camlachie, a three hour journey from Toronto westwards towards Sarnia and the Canada-United States border. Blessed with breathtaking small-town scenery, Lisa & Anthony’s morning preparations was an absolute delight to film for our videographers and cinematographers. One favourite of ours was of the harrowing aerial scene of the Lake Huron coastline overlooking the suburbs of Sarnia and the couple’s picturesque neighborhood. Juxtaposing the beauty just beyond their backyards, we take a peek into the preparations of both Lisa & Anthony as they suit-up for the big day ahead. A lovely sentimental scene featured by our videographers and cinematographers was of Lisa all prepped for the wedding day, surrounded by her bridesmaids, as she pops open a champagne bottle to welcome the new life ahead of her. With a quick cut to the beautiful walk down the aisle in an intimate ceremony shared with Lisa & Anthony’s closest friends and relatives held at Brights Grove’s St. Michael Roman Catholic Church, just a township away from Eton Court, the couple and their crowd of guests were absolutely beaming with smiles as we all welcomed Lisa & Anthony to their newfound lives as husband and wife. Again, taking advantage of the gorgeous Lake Huron beach just beside them, the newlyweds Lisa & Anthony pay a visit to the lakeside for scenic photos and video-taking alongside our videographers and cinematographers, who were there to capture the many special memories in full.

For their reception and celebration, the newlyweds Lisa & Anthony had chosen Sarnia’s own Dante Club Hall, a first visit for our videographers and cinematographers, and one that’s left an impressive first impression for our cameras. Of the many favorite scenes of our videographers and cinematographers from Lisa & Anthony’s rightfully special evening celebration, we always treasure the newlywed couple’s grand entrance to a brilliantly decorated dining hall, a sentimental first dance alongside an admiring audience, and many shared kisses spread throughout the evening. From a jovial entrance to a beautifully prepared wedding hall for their ceremony and celebration, to an endless night of dancing and liveliness shared with family and friends, Lisa & Anthony’s wedding day was genuinely an adventure through and through.

And with that, from a two-hour trek from Toronto to the twilight hours of a truly magnificent day, we here at SDE Weddings®, Toronto’s premier wedding videography, cinematography and photo-booth group, would like to wish Lisa & Anthony nothing but the best in their future together. We thank them truly for giving our videographers and cinematographers the opportunity to be able to create and craft a special wedding day film of their most precious memories from among the most treasured days of their lives. We hope that our work with the Lisa & Anthony on their absolutely magical wedding ceremony and celebration continues to inspire them as the years go on, and we wish Lisa & Anthony all the very best in their lives ahead.

Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Ceremony: St. Michael Roman Catholic Church | 1920 Wildwood Drive, Brights Grove
Wedding Reception Venue: Dante Club Hall | 1330 London Road, Sarnia