Fate and faith work in mysterious ways. A mutual premonition guided by faith, hope and love is what defines and shapes the story of Nicole & Sean, a faithful young couple whose eternal bond formed on the fateful summer day of August 9th, 2014 we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography group, had helped film and commemorate. Nicole & Sean had met seemingly by chance as students at their Franciscan University, where Nicole had previously set her studies and her future towards joining the convent. Though God’s hand and will more often than not guides our lives in his strange and unpredictable ways, Nicole & Sean discovered a common bond in their faith, and soon found themselves blessed in experiencing God’s gift of love and of love for one another. A very special and spiritual wedding for our videographers and cinematographers to work on, we had also crafted a special gift of our namesake ‘Same-Day-Edit‘ to celebrate the couples’ holy union. Scroll further to view our highlight reel of the day, to learn more about Nicole & Sean’s sacred ceremony, and to learn just how powerful faith, hope and love can be in the lives of two people.

Our wedding day story begins on a bright midsummer morning, on Saturday, August 9th, 2014, with Nicole & Sean on the opposite sides of Oakville proper, immersed in their preparations for the monumental day ahead, greeted our videographers and cinematographers warmly for the wedding day’s filming. Nicole, true to the spirit that brought her here, had a tattoo of the ancient “Chi Ro” symbol of Catholicism inscribed on the nape of her neck; a symbol representative of “Christ” in one of its earliest historic forms. Such skin-deep symbolism was in part accented by Nicole’s gorgeous choice of dress, a shimmering white wedding gown accompanied by a golden rosary. As for Sean, a standard suit and tie served as a sharp wardrobe point, with a silken white tie to accompany his bride-to-be’s shimmering gown. An interesting point to note is that Sean and his groomsmen wore matching purple socks. Perhaps an unassuming wardrobe choice to some, ‘royal purple’ is however a deeply symbolic liturgical colour in the catholic tradition, the symbolism no doubt of which is not lost on Sean and his groomsmen, many of whom share in the same deepness of faith as the beloved couple. With the couple ready as ever, our videographers and cinematographers captured some wonderful scenes in our highlight reel of Nicole & Sean as they proceeded to the altar and the spiritual adventure ahead.

It would be an incomplete wedding for a couple as spiritually entwined as Nicole & Sean if their wedding mass wasn’t given in complete Catholic rite. The beloved couple, who were well known among the clergy that visited as wedding guests from their days in school, had a full seven priests to attend to their wedding ceremony, which took place at St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church in Oakville. In a tear-jerking scene captured by our videographers and cinematographers, the procession down the aisle of mother and son, and daughter and father, were unforgettable moments forever etched on film for Nicole & Sean. For the first reading, a lovely story many of us are familiar with, of Adam & Eve from the book of Genesis. An ancient apologue that echoed the union of Nicole & Sean as inseparable partners in the path of life. In the end, Nicole & Sean had thanked their various friends from the clergy, fathers and mothers both, for ‘carrying’ their love by the wings of their prayers. Indeed, fate united by faith is enough to make miracles, and for Nicole & Sean, their marriage is a miracle enough to affirm their faith in God which brought them together.

After their long-awaited wedding ceremony had concluded, the newly-wed couple took a short interlude for a lovely walk in the park, for a photo and video session with our videographers and cinematographers right beside Toronto’s lake-shore. Not far away from the lake-side was Nicole & Sean’s reception and celebration venue, Toronto’s Palais Royale Modern Ballroom. With an open-concept reception hall facing the open expanses of Toronto’s waterfront, and a grand ceiling supported by illuminated arches, Palais Royale’s charming evening atmosphere was a perfect fit for the finale of Nicole & Sean’s fateful and faithful wedding day, and made for a perfect setting footage-wise for our videographers and cinematographers. In their parting words for their wedding guests, clergy and laypeople alike, Nicole & Sean thanked deeply all those who travelled the many miles to see the two’s marriage come to fruition. And in a beautiful scene fit for the most romantic of movie scenes, Sean had picked up an acoustic guitar and serenaded his sweetheart and newly-made wife in a beautiful moment between the two soul-mates shared with their guests and with our videographers and cinematographers who had captured this unforgettable moment unfold into something timeless.

In the end, we here at SDE Weddings, Toronto’s premier wedding videography and cinematography group, had a terrific time in our work with Nicole & Sean’s wedding. We wish the newlywed couple all the best, and hope that the insurmountable bond of faith between them and God will forever guide them throughout their lives, and in their lives to come.

Wedding ceremony: St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church
Wedding Reception: Palais Royale
Wedding planning: Distinct Occasions
Wedding Photographer: Barbara Ann Cameron
Make Up Services: Jackie Gideon
Decorations: Angela | Momenti Belli
Floral Services: Sham’s Florist
Limo Services: Exotica Limo
Cake Services: La Casa Dolce